Posted: 31.10.2023 10:50:00

Sweden to check intelligence service activities for the first time in 20 years

The Swedish authorities intend to conduct an audit of the activities of the national intelligence service, with former PM and former FM Carl Bildt appointed responsible, TASS reports


A press release from the Swedish Defence Ministry noted that an audit of the activities of the national intelligence service has not been carried out for more than two decades.

“Developments in technology and the security situation make it urgent to analyse the activities of the intelligence service, primarily from the point of view of the support it can provide to national foreign, defence and security policies, as well as in identifying threats to Sweden as a whole,” stated the Defence Ministry in its press release.

Moreover, the Swedish defence department underlined that the analysis should be carried out taking into account the development of the global situation, the situation in the field of defence and security, alongside the changed picture of threats and technological development.