Posted: 07.03.2024 09:38:00

Expert: Macron intentionally made scandalous statement about deployment of troops to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron was well aware of the consequences his statement about the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine would produce – as stated by political expert Vladimir Kornilov in his talk with the Soloviev Live TV channel


Emmanuel Macron's statement that Kiev's allies discuss the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, but no consensus has yet been reached is now actively discussed in the Western media. As noted by the expert, the French leader has achieved what he really wished.

“He was well aware of the resonance such statements would cause, given the common position of Western countries regarding the deployment of troops in Ukraine. Many parties think this may be possible, but there should be no public statements on the issue. Macron understood that. Please note when he began talking: just a few days after he had been attacked by farmers at an agricultural exhibition. Everyone was discussing only one problem, and the media was focusing on farmers, blockades, protests, and so on. At that moment, Macron made his statement on the deployment of troops to Ukraine, and the French media immediately stopped reporting on farmers. The French leader’s scandalous announcement and the statements that followed began to be widely covered,” the expert explained.

Mr. Kornilov added that attention had been diverted from ‘the headache of the French government’, “All TV news are now devoted to Macron's statement, putting aside the protests of farmers, which have not gone away, but seem to be of lesser importance.”