Researchers identified bacterium able to recycle polyethylene

Specialists from the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research have discovered a bacterium that can process polyethylene, and this discovery can be used in programmes to clean up the seas, reports Photo: www.u A bacterium called Rhodococcus ruber eats and actually digests plastic. As part of the experiment, microorganisms in seawater under ultraviolet light (replacing solar light) were fed a specially made polymer. Bacteria formed a biofilm on the surface of the water and ...

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Researchers uncover errors in Arctic Ocean climate models

Scientists from the US and Norway compared the results of calculations of climate models of the Arctic Ocean with the results of real observations and identified errors. This applies to forecasts, descriptions of the structure of the ocean layers, as well as the nature of the movement of deep water flows. The work was published in the Journal of Climate. The press service of the Norwegian University of Gothenburg announced the results, TASS reports. Photo: “At present, we ...

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System for diagnosing brain cancer using drops of biofluids created in Japan

Japanese researchers have developed a system for early express diagnostics of malignant tumours in the tissues of the nervous system, enabling to detect cancer cells in a patient’s body by a few drops of blood and other biological fluids, with the work published in the ACS Nano magazine, TASS reports Photo: “The nanowire-based test we have created can very quickly and efficiently isolate extracellular vesicles with cancer biomarkers from bio-fluids. In the future, our system ...

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Specialists from US and Europe plan to create computer on human neurons

Neurophysiologists and mathematicians from the USA and Europe have developed the concept of creating a computer based on organoids – three-dimensional cultures of human nerve cells, with the first experiments to create ‘organoid intelligence’ systems being already carried out, TASS reports Photo: “We call this new interdisciplinary field ‘organoid intelligence’. A community of top scientists has gathered to develop this technology, which we believe will launch a new era of fast ...


Seismologists determined exact dimensions of central part of Earth’s inner core

Australian seismologists have analysed seismic vibrations passing through the entire thickness of the Earth several times, and found that the inner layer of the solid part of the planet’s core has a radius of 650km, according to the research published in the Nature Communications journal, TASS reports “Earth’s inner core is still the most unexplored part of our planet. We know even less about its isolated central part, whose radius, according to the first estimates of its discoverers, was ...

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Silicon ‘snow’ discovered at core and mantle boundary

Geologists have found that the recently discovered seismic anomalies at the boundary between the mantle and the Earth’s core can be explained by the fact that in this zone there are constantly peculiar silicon ‘snows’ covering the boundary between these layers of the lithosphere with a thin layer of solid crystals from a combination of iron and silicon – as reported by Arizona State University press office, TASS writes Photo: “If there is enough hydrogen and silicon in the ...


Potential progenitor of kilonova explosion first discovered in the Galaxy

For the first time, astronomers have discovered a binary star system in the Milky Way, which in the future may cause a kilonova explosion as a result of the merger of two neutron stars, with the work being published in the journal Nature, TASS reports Photo: Kilonova is a powerful cosmic flash resulting from the collision of two neutron stars. For a long time, kilonova flares remained the subject of theoretical discussions, but three years ago, the gravitational observatories ...

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Microelectronics development programme ready in Belarus

... of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Gusakov, informed on the ...

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Lukashenko: Belarusian IT sector did not collapse after some IT specialists left but, on the contrary, is developing

... enterprises, at the Academy of Sciences. Moreover, they create a fully ...

Lukashenko , science

Lukashenko: true scientist’s goal is to ensure continuity of achievements and glorify the Fatherland

... ceremony of awarding doctor of science diplomas and professor certificates to ... saying your new word in science, but making the whole world ... see you – accomplished doctors of sciences and professors, together with your ... them. “This means that Belarusian science will definitely have a future ...

Lukashenko , science

Scientists discovered large meteorite in Antarctica

An international team of scientists have discovered several meteorites in Antarctica; one of them being rare in size and weighing 7.6kg, reports Photo by Maria Valdes, published on To understand how rarely large meteorites are found in Antarctica, it is necessary to correlate a few numbers: over the past century, a hundred of these have been discovered on the continent. In total, 45,000 meteorites were found during this time. As Maria Valdes, a researcher at the Field ...

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Scientists predict large-scale loss of glaciers

An international group of scientists provided a disappointing forecast on the state of mountain glaciers on the planet: humanity faces a risk of their large-scale loss, reports PHOTO: WWW.PIXABAY.COM Experts conducted a study and concluded that if the average global temperatures become 1.5–4 degrees Celsius higher than the values of 2015, then glaciers will lose from 26 to 41 percent of their mass by 2100. This, in turn, will provoke a rise in sea level from 90 to 154mm. Mountain ...

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Belarus implemented 127 international sci-tech projects in 2022

... of the State Committee on Science and Technology, Sergei Shlychkov, informed ... at Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences and Shanghai University); control systems ... ’ National Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang University of Science and Technology); a ...

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Gene responsible for brain tumour radiation resistance identified

American molecular biologists have found that high activity of the ZMYND8 gene protects many forms of glioma – malignant brain tumours – from being destroyed by radiotherapy. Suppression of this gene made the culture of tumour bodies vulnerable to radiation – as reported in the press service of the University of Michigan, TASS reports Photo: University Professor Pedro R. Lowenstein noted that increased activity of the ZMYND8 gene protects glioma cells with a mutation in the ...

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Lukashenko: to be a real scientist means to look beyond the horizon

... higher educational establishment on Belarusian Science Day “Science is the foundation of ... Year of Peace and Creation, science has a huge responsibility. Industry ...

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Global warming led to changes in world’s water cycle

Last year, global warming has led to changes in the world hydrological cycle (the water cycle in nature), which has resulted in the prevalence of above-average temperatures in the waters of the western Pacific and the northern and eastern regions of the Indian Ocean. This triggered floods in Pakistan and Australia, as well as drought in the Americas – as stated in the report of the Global Water Monitor Consortium and the Australian National University, TASS reports. Photo: “We ...

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Belarusian cosmonaut’s flight to ISS planned for autumn

... of the National Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Gusakov, on the eve ... of Belarusian Science Day, participation in this project ...

science , cosmonaut , iss , Belarus

Fully Belarus-made spacecraft can be launched in 2025

... of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Vladimir Gusakov spoke ... the eve of the Belarusian Science Day According to him, work ... of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus stressed that it ...

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Belarusian Antarctic Expedition made its first scientific trip to previously unexplored area of Antarctica

... of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. We also conducted ... of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Belarusian ... Trade Union of Education and Science Workers were raised. A commemorative ...

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Gusakov: science is expensive, but it always pays off

... of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, drew attention to ... of our scientists He noted, “Science is expensive, but it has ... never been unprofitable. Science always pays off and pays ... of the National Academy of Sciences cited particular examples, “Today I ... of the National Academy of Sciences noted some of the exhibits ... , without any foreign components. Military science has also shown its developments ...

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