Posted: 21.06.2024 16:00:00

Scientist: foreigners interested in Belarusian seeds

Belarusian plant breeders work hard, ever looking for new approaches and technologies – as noted by Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Artem Bogdanov, who heads the Field Fodder Production Department at the Belarusian Academy of Sciences’ National Research Centre for Agriculture

"We are moving towards the level of global research," Mr. Bogdanov said. “We are actively co-operating with China. One of the latest examples is that representatives of Uzbekistan got interested in our varieties of lupin and festulolium. In turn, we are interested in their unusual plant: crotalaria.”

Corn field research has also resumed in Belarus, and – as noted by the scientist – winter rye and then corn for silage are being sown.

“We get two harvests of forage crops from one field,” the expert added. “The country lacks early crops, and rye is suitable for this. We now just need to find out in which phase of the crop's growth it is most effective to harvest it.”