Smallest sea ice area in half a century recorded in Antarctica

... water from subtropical regions to Antarctica – as noted by the institute ... the sea ice area in Antarctica reaches its maximum: about 18 ... , summer sea ice melts around Antarctica, and usually the ice area ...

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Scientists discovered large meteorite in Antarctica

... have discovered several meteorites in Antarctica; one of them being rare ... large meteorites are found in Antarctica, it is necessary to correlate ... areas of meteorite impacts in Antarctica; these were pre-identified from ...

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Belarusian Antarctic Expedition made its first scientific trip to previously unexplored area of Antarctica

... area of the mainland of Antarctica – Head of the 15th Belarusian ... objectives of our country in Antarctica was also laid.

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Ancient fossil DNA discovered in Antarctica

Researchers from Germany and Australia have discovered 1-million-year-old marine DNA in deep-sea sediments of the Scotia Sea, north of the Antarctic continent – according to the work published in the Nature journal, TASS reports Photo: “Our finding is so far the oldest fossil DNA that has been extracted from underwater sediments. Among its fragments, there are also segments of the genome of diatoms that play an important role in food chains in marine ecosystems,” said Linda ...

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Meetings at Mount Vechernyaya

... development at the station in Antarctica: Aleksei Gaidashov tells us about ... whom have already been to Antarctica. “The participants began their ... whom have already been to Antarctica Photo courtesy of the Republican ... of eight will travel to Antarctica by air. On November ... the team will get to Antarctica by sea. In early ... the team will get to Antarctica by sea One of ... their long-term storage in Antarctica. The expedition members will test ... explorers plan to stay in Antarctica until mid-April. They will ...


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