Seismologists determined exact dimensions of central part of Earth’s inner core

... the entire thickness of the Earth several times, and found that ... Nature Communications journal, TASS reports “Earth’s inner core is still ... write. The bowels of the Earth consist of several layers: a ... solid earth’s crust, a semi-liquid ... the other layers of the Earth. Moreover, back in 2015, American ...

Science , Earth

Astronomers measure exact distance to Milky Way’s most distant stars from Earth

... ’s most distant stars from Earth and found that these stars ...

Galaxy , Milky Way , stars , Earth , scientists

European Space Agency reports about huge asteroid approaching Earth

... 2015 RN35 flying towards the Earth – as reported on the Twitter ... diameter and will approach the Earth at a distance of 680 ...

Space , earth , asteroid

UN: world's population reached 8bn

The number of people on our planet has reached 8bn and, by 2037, it is likely to reach 9bn – as evidenced by the UN calculations, TASS reports Photo: “This is a historical milestone in the development of mankind,” the UN said in a statement. As reported, it took 12 years to increase the world's population by one billion, and the mark of 9bn will be reached by 2037. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) noted in a statement that ‘while the global population will continue to ...

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Largest asteroid in 2022 will approach Earth on May 27th

... group will fly near the Earth on May 27 th – as ... asteroid will be closest to Earth on May 27th at 17 ... the planet. “Nothing threatens the Earth again,” the Roscosmos Telegram channel ...

Asteroid , space , earth

Massive asteroid will fly past the Earth on January 18th

... an asteroid will approach the Earth will be about 2 million ... than the distance from the Earth to the Moon and there ...

Earth , asteroid

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