Potential progenitor of kilonova explosion first discovered in the Galaxy

... similar event in the nearby galaxy NGC 4993, 140 million light ... of the kilonova in the galaxy NGC 4993 has caused controversy ...

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Astronomers prepared map of Galaxy with 3.32 billion stars and other objects

... in the disk of our galaxy, with the work being published ... three-dimensional structure of the Galaxy, as well as the distribution ...

Astronomy , galaxy , milky way

Astronomers measure exact distance to Milky Way’s most distant stars from Earth

... of the boundaries of the Galaxy, TASS reports Photo: www.pixabay ... the outer boundaries of our Galaxy lie. It turned out that ... its nearest neighbour, the Andromeda Galaxy, are so large that there ... California at Santa Cruz. Our Galaxy is a spiral disk-like ... size and boundaries of the Galaxy, as well as the mass ...

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Во флагманском смартфоне Samsung обнаружили скрытую функцию

Во флагманской линейке смартфонов Samsung — Galaxy S20 обнаружили скрытый режим работы ... в прошивку смартфона. По умолчанию Galaxy S20 имеют два режима работы ... 120 герц. Флагманская линейка смартфонов Galaxy S20 от южнокорейского производителя была ...

Samsung , Galaxy , S20

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