News photo: Belarus' first woman cosmonaut Marina Vasilevskaya headed for ISS

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India developed equipment for space mission to Venus in 2024

The Indian Space Research Organisation has developed equipment for a planned mission to Venus, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to the Chairman of the Space Research Organisation, Sreedhara Somanath, the Indian organisation has many missions at the conceptual stage, the mission to Venus has already been configured, and payloads have already been developed for it. “Venus is an interesting planet, and its study will help answer some questions in the field of space science,” ...

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China developing new generation spacecraft for seven seats

The People's Republic of China is developing a new generation aircraft capable of delivering seven people into orbit, TASS reports with reference to China’s Manned Space Flight Programme Administration PHOTO: WWW.PIXABAY.COM "There will be more room on the new spacecraft, it can be reused. China is developing a manned vehicle capable of carrying up to seven people," the report says. The chief designer of China’s manned space programme, Zhou Jianping, noted that the project could be ...

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Ex-intelligence officer: US has spacecraft of alien origin

The US Government, as part of its secret military programme, managed to get alien spaceships – as informed by an Air Force veteran and former member of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Dave Grusch, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to Mr. Grusch, Americans managed to get the technical vehicles either after they landed or crashed. “These are… non-human origin technical vehicles, call it spacecraft if you will, non-human exotic origin vehicles that have either ...

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Tesla, Apple urged AI labs to immediately stop part of development

In their open letter on the Future of Life Institute, the heads of Tesla and Apple called on the creators of artificial intelligence to stop the research of powerful systems for at least six months. The letter was signed by more than two hundred experts in the field of artificial intelligence, including Elon Musk who heads Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp. Photo: “We call on all AI laboratories to immediately suspend ...

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NASA released full Earth snapshot

American NASA published new images of the Earth. They were taken in December 2022 from the recently launched NOAA-21 satellite, reports The fresh photos feature the entire planet — including azure shores of the Caribbean Sea and thick smog over Northern India. A special device, FIIRS, was used for that purpose. According to experts, the satellite can track forest fires, drought and flooding. It will provide important information about the oceans and atmosphere of our planet. Photos by ...

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SpaceX postponed launch of Starlink satellites

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has announced the postponement of its launch of a Falcon-9 rocket carrying Starlink satellites, RIA Novosti reports Photo: It was reported earlier that the Falcon-9 was supposed to deliver 51 satellites into orbit. According to the company, the launch was cancelled ‘to examine the data more closely’. The satellites are scheduled to launch on January 12th.

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Fly out of comfort zone

Belarusian can fly into orbit as early as September next year. 29 candidates were selected for this mission. Further actions are up to the Cosmonaut Training Centre. After examining medical documents, about ten people will be selected and invited for examination. As a result, they will choose only two: they will determine the main and backup cosmonauts. Our compatriot, pilot-cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy, told in detail what awaits them. There is successful space-link! — Cosmonauts are eternal ...

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8th Belarusian Space Congress begins its work in Minsk

From October 25 th through October 27 th , Minsk will bring together leading scientists and experts from abroad to focus on space related issues. A large delegation is coming from Russia – representing Roscosmos, the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as enterprises and organisations working in the field of space technologies. More than 120 reports are planned by scientists and specialists from Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Uzbekistan. The event is organised by Belarus’ National ...

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New Belarusian-Russian satellite to be able to detect space debris

As informed by Sergei Korenyako who heads the department of joint space and IT programmes at the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences’ United Institute of Informatics Problems, scientists plan to equip a Belarusian-Russian spacecraft with optical equipment capable of detecting dangerous objects along its path PHOTO: www.PIXABAY.COM Space debris of an average size of 1-10cm can be seen from the Earth; accordingly, the orbit of spacecraft and the ISS can be adjusted to avoid collisions. The ...

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Belarus, Russia will start implementing new sci-tech programme in 2022

The Union State’s Complex-SG programme concerns the development of basic elements of orbital and ground-based facilities and aims to create joint multi-satellite groupings of small-sized spacecraft for observing the Earth's surface and near-Earth outer space “We should create not only high-tech products, but also prepare personnel for the space industry,” Sergei Korenyako – who heads the department of joint space and IT programmes at the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences’ United Institute ...

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Belarus plans to create nanosatellites of supreme quality

An outline sketch of a Russian-Belarusian spacecraft is being prepared jointly with Roscosmos at present Photo: Belarusian enterprises will manufacture optoelectronic targeting systems, and – together with Russian colleagues – they plan to create elements of ground infrastructure to manage the spacecraft, receive and process information. “The future belongs to orbital groupings that consist of small-sized spacecraft, including nanosatellites,” Sergei Korenyako – who heads the ...

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Working visit of the President to the Far East

In the very near future, Belarusians will be able to participate in the development of the Vostochny Cosmodrome. The agreement on this was reached during a two-day working visit of the President of Belarus to the Far East. And already in 2023, the Belarusian cosmonaut will go out to the ISS. Photo by BELTA On Cosmonautics Day, the Presidents of Belarus and Russia visited the Vostochny Cosmodrome, where they inspected the infrastructure, held talks, and then answered journalists’ questions. ...

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Cosmonaut Novitsky shared career plans

Oleg Novitsky commented on his recently completed third space flight and shared plans for a possible fourth flight during a direct telephone line organised by the Belarus Segodnya Publishing House “Are you happy with the results of your third flight?” host Natalia Ostapchuk asked. “I am very pleased! The flight was intense – and this was a piece of happiness. I was lucky to perform three spacewalks, one re-docking and undocking of the module, and its removal from the station. I also worked with ...

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