Russia deployed full constellation of hydrometeorological satellites in geostationary orbit

... constellation of the Electro meteorological space system consisting of three satellites ...

Russia , space

Belarusian Marina Vasilevskaya included into main crew for ISS mission

... the flight to the International Space Station, the Embassy of Belarus ...

space , Belarus , iss

Shumilin: two contenders for space flight selected and are being trained

... Academy of Sciences of Belarus, spoke about this on the eve ... -researcher is being trained, since space has its own specialisations. This ... for observing the Earth from space, including for the study of ... of the disease while from space, the technology enables us to ...

Shumilin , Belarus , space

Belarusian-Russian spacecraft is scheduled for launch in 2028

... for Operation of the Belarusian Space System for Remote Sensing of ... will have been modernised,” Mr. Sivukha said.

space , satellite , Belarus

Belarus took part in discussion on peaceful uses of outer space in Vienna

... the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, Belarus’ National Academy of ... Director of the Department of Space Activities at the National Academy ... of Sciences, delivered a speech. “The scientific and technical subcommittee ... exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes and prospects ... its development, on Article 7 (Space Debris) about the prevention of ... 12 (Long-Term Sustainability of Space Activities) about the regulation of ... long-term sustainability of space activities,” the NAS press service ...

space , vienna , conference

Potential progenitor of kilonova explosion first discovered in the Galaxy

... observatories LIGO and ViRGO recorded space-time fluctuations generated by a ... cataclysms and the regions of space in which they are best ...

Space , science , kilonova , Galaxy

Cosmonaut Novitsky commented on possibility of Lukashenko's space flight

... would cope well with a space flight – as noted by a ...

Lukashenko , space , Novitsky , cosmonaut

European Space Agency reports about huge asteroid approaching Earth

... Twitter page of the European Space Agency Photo: ...

Space , earth , asteroid

Belarusian cut diamonds

... biotechnology and nuclear energy to space exploration: the successful development of ... nuclear power plant, our space programmes or the creation of ... November 4th, 2022 More than space The biotechnology industry is recognised ... rocket technology is being developed: space technologies are already being used ... operation in the development of space technologies during the Soviet ... which there are plenty in space), the Belarusian scientific school ... study at NASA and other space agencies. Reliable kilowatt It ...

Belarus , economy , biotechnology , nuclear energy , space , medicine , electric transport , weapons

China launched satellite for land surveys and disaster prevention

China has launched Yaogan-34 remote sensing satellite into space, Xinhua reports The launch became the 450 th flight mission of Chang Zheng 4B. As reported, the satellite will be used for research in a number of areas. Among them are land surveys, urban planning and crop yield estimation. In addition, it will be involved in disaster prevention. Photos:

china , space , satellite

Belarusian cosmonaut may fly into orbit in September 2023

... , the Head of the NAS Space Activities Department, shared the details ... people were selected for a space flight in Belarus, and they ... , chemistry, biology, mathematics, rocket and space technology.

cosmonaut , space

The bright side of space

... Belarus and Russia. Seven space programmes have been successfully implemented ... without the development of joint space programmes, communication systems, fast ... The Belarusian ground-based space infrastructure has been successfully integrated ... goal of the development of space programmes.” Speaking about the ... of the results of space activities in various areas, ... exploration of near and far space, participation in international projects ... technical programmes and projects in space industry, and also an ...

space , Congress , science , technology

China launches space lab to study the Sun

... a solar exploration satellite into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch ... The Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory (ASO-S ... , thus providing data support for space weather forecasting.

China , space , Sun

Belarus plans to launch its satellite in 2-3 years

... plans to create a Belarusian space satellite as he talked at ... between Russia and Belarus. Science. Space. Education – organised by the Standing ... in the field of peaceful space exploration is of great importance ...

satellite , science , space , gusakov

American DART spacecraft collided with asteroid as part of experiment

... November 2021 from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California using ... SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle. ...

Science , asteroid , space

China has successfully launched satellite for scientific experiments

On August 23rd, China launched the Chuangxin-16 satellite from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. The spacecraft entered its planned orbit successfully, Xinhua reports. Photo: It is reported that this Chinese satellite will mainly be used for scientific experiments, being also involved in testing new technologies. The satellite was launched using a Kuaizhou-1A carrier rocket. The launch is the 16th mission by Kuaizhou-1A series ...

China , space

Roscosmos to withdraw from ISS project after 2024

... ’s withdrawal from the International Space Station project after 2024 has ... General of the Roscosmos State Space Corporation, Yury Borisov, TASS reports ... Russian economy with the necessary space services.

russia , iss , roscosmos , Space

Largest asteroid in 2022 will approach Earth on May 27th

The largest asteroid in 2022 from the Apollo group will fly near the Earth on May 27 th – as reported by the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (KIAM) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, TASS reports Photo: The Institute posted a photo of the potentially dangerous asteroid (7335) 1989 JA from the Apollo group. “This year it should become the largest (about 1.5km in diameter) of the known potentially dangerous objects. It could be seen even with the help of an amateur ...

Asteroid , space , earth

New Belarusian-Russian satellite to be able to detect space debris

... heads the department of joint space and IT programmes at the ... path PHOTO: www.PIXABAY.COM Space debris of an average size ...

space , cosmos

Belarus plans to create nanosatellites of supreme quality

... at present Photo: Belarusian enterprises will manufacture optoelectronic ... heads the department of joint space and IT programmes at the ... difficulties in transmitting information from space via communication channels, so a ... not on land, but in space. Only the data requested by ...

science , space , cosmos , nanosatellite , NAS

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