N. Korea to launch reconnaissance satellite by end of October

... likely to put its reconnaissance satellite into orbit from October 10 ... try to launch a reconnaissance satellite prior than South Korea. The ... the political aspect of the satellite launch, rather than its technical ...

North Korea , satellite , launch

Japanese university developing world's first wooden satellite

... the world's first wooden satellite, which will be built using ... .JAPANNEWS.YOMIURI.CO.JP The satellite will be in the shape ... , in recent years, many small satellites have been launched for various ... that was highly durable. “The satellite will be exposed to the ...

Japan , satellite , wood

China successfully launched new experimental satellite into space

... successfully launched a new experimental satellite into space, Xinhua reports photo ... launch of the Shiyan-25 satellite was carried out using the ... launch vehicle from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in the Shanxi ... entered the assigned orbit. The satellite will be mainly used to ...

China , satellite

Media: UAE to launch region’s most powerful photography satellite into space

... to launch the MBZ-Sat satellite into space in 2024, the ... launched its first Earth observation satellite, one of the key missions ... high-precision, high-resolution imaging satellite.” According to Al Marri, the ... and help develop agriculture. The satellite, named after UAE President Sheikh ... local companies to build the satellite. According to the publication, 90 ... the electrical components of the satellite are produced in the United ... more powerful than the KhalifaSat satellite, which was launched in 2018 ...

UAE , satellite , space

Media: US satellites to track Russian and Chinese spacecraft

... United States plans to launch satellites in the summer to track ... to launch a group of satellites this summer to track Chinese ... ," the source said. The satellite launch project is being developed ... launch of a group of satellites is planned ‘after July’ with ... Atlas V launch vehicle. The satellites will rotate in orbit at ...

satellite , spacecraft , usa , russia , china

N. Korea promised to soon launch military satellite

... to put a military spy satellite into orbit, adding that North ... excellent tracking tools, including reconnaissance satellites. Therefore, we realise that we ... that the DPRK military reconnaissance satellite will soon definitely enter space ...

North Korea , satellite

N. Korea ready to launch military satellite to deter United States

... of the first military spy satellite, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ... possession of a military reconnaissance satellite. He said that the more ... launch of a military reconnaissance satellite. This would help strengthen the ... in the launch of the satellite.

DPRK , usa , satellite

China to launch two Fengyun meteorological satellites in 2023

... two more Fengyun series meteorological satellites: Fengyun-3F and Fengyun-3G ... Xinhua writes The FY-3G satellite is designed to measure precipitation ... April. As a morning monitoring satellite, FY-3F will replace ... monitoring. The launch of this satellite, equipped with ten payloads, is ... scheduled for August. Once the satellites are in orbit, China ... world to have civilian meteorological satellites operating simultaneously in dawn-dusk ... has launched 19 Fengyun family satellites, seven of which are currently ...

China , satellite , Fengyun , orbit

Belarusian-Russian spacecraft is scheduled for launch in 2028

... currently being developed, and the satellite is scheduled to be launched ...

space , satellite , Belarus

SpaceX postponed launch of Starlink satellites

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has announced the postponement of its launch of a Falcon-9 rocket carrying Starlink satellites, RIA Novosti reports Photo: It was reported earlier that the Falcon-9 was supposed to deliver 51 satellites into orbit. According to the company, the launch was cancelled ‘to examine the data more closely’. The satellites are scheduled to launch on January 12th.

spacex , cosmos , satellite

China launched satellite for land surveys and disaster prevention

China has launched Yaogan-34 remote sensing satellite into space, Xinhua reports The launch became the 450 th flight mission of Chang Zheng 4B. As reported, the satellite will be used for research in a number of areas. Among them are land surveys, urban planning and crop yield estimation. In addition, it will be involved in disaster prevention. Photos:

china , space , satellite

Belarus plans to launch its satellite in 2-3 years

... to create a Belarusian space satellite as he talked at an ... discussed creation of a Belarusian satellite with 0.5m optical resolution ... continue working over a new satellite for remote sensing of the ... likely to become the best satellite in the world. In my ... . In Belarus alone, we provide satellite information to the needs of ...

satellite , science , space , gusakov

China launched new group of remote sensing satellites

... three new Earth remote sensing satellites from its Xichang cosmodrome in ... : The satellites were launched as the second ...

china , satellite

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