Posted: 29.03.2023 17:13:00

Belarusian-Russian spacecraft is scheduled for launch in 2028

Vasily Sivukha, the Head of the Centre for Operation of the Belarusian Space System for Remote Sensing of the Earth from the National Academy of Sciences’ Geoinformation Systems, reminded that a joint project is being carried out to create a new Belarusian-Russian spacecraft with a resolution of 0.35m (the previous one’s was 2m)

According to the specialist, the spacecraft will become part of the current Belarusian-Russian grouping. “The target equipment will be completely Belarusian-made, and the platform will be of Russian origin – in the 40:60 percent ratio. Design documentation is currently being developed, and the satellite is scheduled to be launched in 2028. By then, the Belarusian ground complex will have been modernised,” Mr. Sivukha said.