Posted: 17.05.2023 15:42:00

N. Korea ready to launch military satellite to deter United States

On May 16th, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his daughter inspected preparations for the launch of the first military spy satellite, RIA Novosti reports


"Kim Jong Un reiterated the strategic nature of the possession of a military reconnaissance satellite. He said that the more desperate the anti-North Korean confrontational machinations of the American imperialists and the South Korean puppet gang become, the more aggressively and legitimately the DPRK will use its sovereignty and right to self-defence to consistently deter their machinations and to protect the state,” the Korean Central News Agency informed.

According to the DPRK leader, the country's security situation requires the launch of a military reconnaissance satellite. This would help strengthen the defence capability of the territory of North Korea. Kim Jong Un has already approved the work plan of the provisional preparatory committee, which will be engaged in the launch of the satellite.