Posted: 12.04.2023 17:50:00

China to launch two Fengyun meteorological satellites in 2023

This year, China plans to launch two more Fengyun series meteorological satellites: Fengyun-3F and Fengyun-3G – as reported in China Meteorological Administration, Xinhua writes

The FY-3G satellite is designed to measure precipitation. It will mainly be used to monitor the hydrometeorological environment during extremely adverse weather conditions and provide 3D precipitation information at middle and low latitudes around the world. The launch of the FY-3G satellite, equipped with four payloads, is scheduled for April.

As a morning monitoring satellite, FY-3F will replace FY-3C to provide services in areas such as weather forecasting, ecological environment and disaster monitoring. The launch of this satellite, equipped with ten payloads, is scheduled for August.

Once the satellites are in orbit, China will be the only country in the world to have civilian meteorological satellites operating simultaneously in dawn-dusk, morning, afternoon and inclined Earth orbits.

China has launched 19 Fengyun family satellites, seven of which are currently in orbit, providing information products and services to users in 126 countries and regions of the world.