Products made to last

... international exhibitions and why Belarusian products are highly appreciated in ... your company in promoting Belarusian products to foreign markets? Natalia ... is the interest in Belarusian products? — The geography of exhibition ... exhibition forums. Thus, domestic products will be presented at exhibitions ... a wide presentation of products within the framework of ... , in addition to displaying products and goods, Belinterexpo organises ... brand? — Belarusian goods and products of domestic enterprises have long ...

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Gosstandart: Belarusian quality is a brand

The quality of Belarusian products is already a brand – as ... constantly. The quality of Belarusian products is already a brand. Only ... the production of high-quality products that meet the expectations ... field of quality of domestic products are stipulated in the Quality ... is aimed at transforming domestic production into a competitive complex that ...

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NAS: Belarus’ producers mastering new markets for meat and dairy products

... reliable supplier of agri-food products on the world market, with ... meat and dairy products forming the basis of the ... basket. In recent years, dairy products accounted for about 40 percent ... national agricultural and food products, meat and meat products accounted for around ... 60 percent of produced dairy products and about 30 percent of ... 2022, export revenues from dairy products totalled $3.45bn, with goods ... .2 percent. Milk and dairy products were delivered to 53 countries ...

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Russian expert: Belarusian products are of highest quality

Belarusian products are of the highest quality – ... space. Russian consumers enjoy Belarusian products which are of the highest ... a responsible approach to the production and promotion of its goods ... country that produces high-quality products. We keep up with the ... , having mastered the production of import-substituting products and increasing our export ... about 20 percent of manufactured products are supplied to the foreign ... main export market for Belarusian products is the EAEU member states ...

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Take advantage of the window of opportunity

... a difficult time for a production line. Sanctions and economic ... and adjuster Leonid Selyatytsky solve production issues Sergei Kontsevoi says that ... market.” ...The range of products manufactured in Oshmyany is, of ... market conditions, promptly adjusting the production conveyor to it. As ... and the share of innovative products amounted to 43 percent. Personnel ... an empty phrase. Moreover, the production is dangerous, and powerful hydraulic ... conditions, quickly adjusting the production line to it The backbone ...

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All natural and high quality

... developments, advanced technologies used in production and ensuring the Belarusian agro ... resisting sanctions pressure. Today, Belarusian products are successfully exported to 100 ... undeniable. The level of production of basic products per capita in Belarus ... , the development of large-scale production, and, most importantly, the ... huge contribution to the production of agricultural products is made by scientists ... of their products: sausages, semi-finished meat products, poultry, dairy products, canned food ...

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Technology dictates progress

... industries of 15 countries with products Microbiological and chemical purity are ... -tech complex for the production of medical products by Alcopack is scheduled ... with new developments.” Automation of production processes virtually eliminates waste The ... standards Automation of literally all production processes and high manufacturability of ... , the company mastered the production of medical products The area of the ... on the production of innovative products Next, we oversee the production of closures ...

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Doctor spoke about celery’s ability to kill cancer cells

Celery contains a special substance that has powerful antitumor properties – as announced by nutritionist and endocrinologist Victoria Bolbat in her talk with Belarus 1 TV channel Photo: “Celery contains apigenin, which is very popular in Chinese medicine. It is an anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antitumor agent. Some studies suggest that it is this substance that promotes apoptosis of cancer cells, actually, their self-eating,” Ms. Bolbat drew attention. Moreover, ...

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Belarus bans exports of some food

... on exports of certain food products – as informed by its press ... than one kilogram of bulk products – including buckwheat and wheat flour ... , restrictions do not apply to products bought at duty-free shops ... ban to export certain food products aims to protect the domestic ...

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