Ready for the referendum

... , Igor Sergeyenko noted that people show a great interest in ... is underway countrywide, among all people, including with the help ... but live communication with people is still the main thing ... held in a constructive way. People will support it — as ... , in particular, to young people: it is significant and necessary ... heroic past of the Belarusian people appeared in the Constitution ... , both about people and about patriotism. The people were ready to ... where you come from. People cannot live without their history ...

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Updating the Constitution

... of experts, company executives, ordinary people, including civil servants, labour collectives ... of interest to the public. People from all walks of life ... the identity of the Belarusian people, its value matrix and historical ... development for the benefit of people, society, and the state Polling ... campaign. Up to 40,000 people with a reserve will work ...

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A detailed look into the future

... most important thing is that people are really interested. They ... was lively and casual. Young people, not embarrassed by authoritative speakers ... the better, so that people, especially young people, can reveal their potential ... never before have so many people been involved in the development ... promotes the development of young people, creates conditions for their participation ... the powers that the Belarusian People’s Congress already has. ... that raising children, young people without moral censorship of the ...

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