Updated Constitution of Belarus published in three languages

... , 2022. As a result, the Constitution is available now in Russian ... group included representatives of the Constitutional Court, the Foreign Ministry, the ...

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For the development of the new Constitution

... the development of the new Constitution, the work of the bar ... recalled that amendments to the Constitution of Belarus had recently been ... to make to develop the Constitution adopted by referendum. This work ... into line with the updated Constitution within two years, and this ...

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90 bills to be adopted within two years in Belarus

... the country to develop the Constitution – as the Chairman of the ... into line with the updated Constitution. Based on this document, we ...

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Lukashenko congratulates Belarusians on Constitution Day

... compatriots! I congratulate you on Constitution Day. This year, the holiday ... with a special meaning: the constitutional amendments adopted at a nationwide ... on the provisions of the Constitution – we will make our Belarus ...

Lukashenko , Constitution , Constitution day

Decision of nationwide referendum comes into force

... additions to the Constitution, which was a real constitutional and legal form ... amendments and additions to the Constitution of Belarus, accounting for 82 ...

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2022 referendum was transparent and democratic

This statement has been made today at a meeting of Belarus’ Central Commission for Elections and Republican Referenda which – in line with Article 121 of the Electoral Code – summed up the results of the nationwide referendum held on February 27 th As stated by Igor Karpenko, the Chairman of the Central Election Commission, the referendum was held transparently and democratically, “Almost 200 international observers were invited to the country, and more than 45,000 national observers were ...

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‘This Constitution is in the people’s spirit’

... Changes and additions to the Constitution proposed by the Head of ... the country needs an updated Constitution, the President said, “The ... then according to the current Constitution. Why? ‘Back then’ is ... Congress according to the updated Constitution) has not been implemented to ... have done this under this Constitution. Nobody hinders us from this ... say, half of the Constitution is the French Constitution. This is true ... , even when developing the current Constitution, the experience and developments of ...

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China supports Belarusian people in their path of development

... the Belarusian nationwide referendum on constitutional amendments held on February 27 ... on the amendments to the Constitution of Belarus was successfully held ...

Constitution , Referendum , China

Constitutional amendments proposed by President supported by 82.86% of those coming to polling stations

... amendments and additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus ...

CEC , referendum , Constitution

Karpenko: constitutional referendum took place

... amendments and additions to the Constitution At 02:15 on February ... amendments and additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus ... voted in favour of the constitutional amendments and additions. Meanwhile, 10 ...

Karpenko , CEC , referendum , Constitution

Orda about main features of referendum

Commenting on the results of the work of national observers during the voting, the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, Mikhail Orda, said that high turnout and a clear organisation of commissions’ work are the main features of the current referendum “At 8pm, as determined by law, the polling stations were closed. Now we can already talk about the first results of this most important campaign for the country. The first conclusion that can be drawn based on the data of national observers ...

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Voskresensky: Belarusian People’s Congress is our most important achievement

... Institution, a member of the Constitutional Commission. “The insurance mechanism in ... be implemented by the entire Constitution. This is our most important ... Belarusians will support the new Constitution, and we will gradually form ...

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Independent observer from Italy impressed with Belarusians’ patriotism

“We see that many people are taking part in the referendum,” an independent international observer from Italy, Matteo Peggio, says The Italian – who has visited a polling station today – notes, “Belarusians want to improve the development of their country. They are doing this not only for themselves, but also for the country, for their nation. Over these days, we have inspected the process of holding the referendum and registered a high level of democracy. We talked to ordinary citizens and ...

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Lukashenko: this Constitution is in the people’s spirit

... opinion after voting in the constitutional referendum. As he said, it ... know all articles of the Constitution by heart since something else ... is important, “This Constitution is written in the spirit ... girls have risen up!.. The Constitution should give an opportunity to ... to this. I had two constitutions on my desk until 2020 ... then had to create a constitutional commission and take up writing ... (after the adoption of the Constitution, there will be no less ...

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Observer from Germany: polling stations work at highest level

... amendments and additions to the Constitution – regarding family issues, social protection ...

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Italian senator hopes referendum will bring much benefit to Belarus

... international observers to monitor the constitutional referendum but have already seen ...

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Turnout totals 24.07% after three days of early voting

... already taken part in the constitutional referendum – as reported by the ... papers. Early voting for the constitutional referendum will be running through ...

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Turnout reached 14.53% after two days of early voting

... percent. Early voting for the constitutional referendum will be running through ...

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Karpenko: attempts to thwart referendum are immoral and undemocratic

... thwart the holding of the constitutional referendum in Belarus through fake ... proposed draft of the updated Constitution, why did not they develop ... an election campaign, or a constitutional referendum. It was said that ...

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International observer: convenient conditions ensured at Belarus’ polling stations

Islamdzhan Karimov, from Uzbekistan, has informed that about three dozen CIS long-term observers are currently working in Belarus “We have got acquainted with the documentation and conditions at polling stations, also talking to the chairmen and members of the precinct commissions. As we see, all stations are ready, and people are already actively voting. A great job has been done to prepare this,” Islamdzhan Karimov, the Deputy Director of the Information and Analytical Department of the CIS ...

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