Deputy: China claims serious leadership in the world

... . At the same time, the deputy stressed that our President very ...

opinion , deputy , Belarus , China

Deputy: foreign policy should be built on the basis of interests of one’s own people

Belarus offers visa-free regime to Polish citizens while Polish authorities give us the closure of border crossings and restrictions. This is because the official Minsk is not at war with the people, and we have nothing to hide. Moreover, until quite recently, Poles and Lithuanians willingly went to the border Belarus for cheap fuel and high-quality inexpensive products. What is behind the short-sighted actions of the Polish and Lithuanian authorities? Member of the Standing Commission on ...

Deputy , Belarus , Poland , Lithuania , border , West

Opinion: almost all European states experience crisis of political leaders

... Union – as stated by a deputy of the House of Representatives ... of affairs is profitable.” The deputy added many French politicians already ...

opinion , klishevich , deputy , USA

MP explains why Lithuania needs American HIMARS

A deputy of the House of Representatives ...

opinion , deputy , lithuania , himars

MP explains what Ukraine is guided by in its desire to join NATO

... war – as stated by a deputy of the House of Representatives ...

Ukraine , nato , Deputy , opinion

MP: impudent and irresponsible behaviour of Ukrainian parliamentarians leads to political insanity

... was stated by Olga Petrashova, Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Commission ... of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko to the congratulations ... Day In his Telegram channel deputy Goncharenko responded with a threat ... aroused indignation among the Belarusian deputies, “Brazen and irresponsible behaviour in ... and irresponsible behaviour of the deputy will be given a proper ...

Belarus , Ukraine , deputy

MP: Work over draft law on Belarusian People’s Congress continues

... informed by Sergei Klishevich, a deputy of the House of Representatives ... Alfa Radio According to the deputy, the draft law is unique ... on these two laws.” The deputy explained who can be part ... of large public associations,” the deputy concluded.

Klishevich , belarusian people's congress , opinion , deputy , law

Deputy: Law On the Belarusian People’s Congress will be unique

... noted by Sergei Klishevich, the deputy of the House of Representatives ... of a constitutional one,” the deputy explained.

Deputy , Klishevich , Belarusian People’s Congress

MP: Belarus has not interfered in other states’ affairs during the past 30 years, and it will not do so

... for – as stated by a deputy of the House of Representatives ...

gaidukevich , opinion , Deputy

Ananich: countries close to us turned out to be ‘pawns’ in geopolitical game

... to visit Belarus. Lilia Ananich, Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Commission ... own needs,” summed up the deputy.

Deputy , Ananich , Belarus , opinion

Demolition and fight against monuments show weakness of Western politicians, MEP believes

... the collective West,” stressed the deputy. The parliamentarian also underlined that ...

Deputy , opinion , West

Belarus’ deputy comments on Poland’s historical policy

... to infect our territories,” a deputy of the House of Representatives ... being spread in Poland. The deputy commented, “The first aspect is ... to infect our territories,” the deputy stressed.

deputy , klishevich , opinion

Gaidukevich: Belarus will continue protecting its national interests

... interests – as stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Standing Commission ... ," Mr. Gaidukevich said. The deputy noted: the Ukrainian Ambassador, who ... intelligence,” Mr. Gaidukevich added. The deputy stressed that he welcomes the ...

gaidukevich , deputy , belarus , Ukraine

Belarusian People’s Congress will be unique on global scales, the deputy explains

Marina Lenchevskaya, a member of the Standing Commission on National Security of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, shared her view on the amendments to the Basic Law with the First National Channel of the Belarusian Radio The parliamentarian stressed that citizens asked to explain the mission and powers of the Belarusian People’s Congress at an initial stage of the nationwide discussion of the draft Constitution. She explained, “True, this body is unique since there is no ...

lenchevskaya , Deputy , opinion

Belarusians appreciate family values and historical memory in Constitution

... when discussing the draft,” the deputy noted. Ms. Lenchevskaya added that ...

deputy , lenchevskaya , opinion

Kravtsov: We warned colleagues from Kazakhstan

Sergei Kravtsov, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Commission ... , 2021 – the eighth elections of deputies in the history of independent ... attempt to redistribute property.” The deputy said that, having started their ... inter-parliamentary meeting with Belarusian deputies in order to get to ... this.” Meanwhile, according to the deputy, during that meeting, Kazakh colleagues ...

Deputy , Kazakhstan

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