Posted: 25.08.2022 17:30:00

MP: impudent and irresponsible behaviour of Ukrainian parliamentarians leads to political insanity

This was stated by Olga Petrashova, Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Commission on International Affairs of the House of Representatives, commenting on the reaction of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko to the congratulations of the Belarusian Head of State to the people of Ukraine in connection with the celebration of Independence Day

In his Telegram channel deputy Goncharenko responded with a threat to the congratulations of the President of Belarus to the Ukrainian people.

Olga Petrashova stressed that Goncharenko’s statement aroused indignation among the Belarusian deputies, “Brazen and irresponsible behaviour in the parliamentary structures of Ukraine leads to political insanity. The Ukrainian government is openly pursuing an anti-Belarusian policy, trying to discredit the President of our country. These are the people who are trying to elevate misanthropy to the rank of state policy. Such words and thoughtless actions, among other things, led to the tragic events that we are witnessing in Ukraine. My colleagues and I are sure that the arrogant and irresponsible behaviour of the deputy will be given a proper assessment by the law enforcement agencies of Belarus.”

At the same time, according to the parliamentarian, one must be aware that the Kiev regime and Ukraine today are different concepts. The Ukrainian people became a victim of Western multi-stage aggression. Our country strives to preserve good-neighbourly relations and further develop interpersonal contacts between ordinary people.