Deputy said US choosing which region to ‘blow up’ next

... National Assembly of Belarus Sergei Rachkov in his talk with ONT ... PHOTO: www.PIXABAY.com Sergei Rachkov recalled what is happening in ... elections in November,” added Sergei Rachkov.

Rachkov , US

Belarus’ senator comments on whether international conflicts will escalate in 2023

... Affairs and National Security, Sergei Rachkov The senator stressed that destruction ... be expanded,” he explained. Mr. Rachkov mentioned the threat coming from ... to solve its tasks,” Mr. Rachkov noted, stressing that it is ...

opinion , Rachkov

Rachkov: terrorist acts have recently been carried out with other countries’ tacit support

... world – as stated by Sergei Rachkov, the Chairman of the Standing ... dealing with this issue,” Sergei Rachkov underlined. “Our country has repeatedly ...

Rachkov , Belarus , security , terrorism

Rachkov: Belarus advocated peaceful solution to Ukraine conflict, but the West didn’t provide assistance

... assistance – as stated by Sergei Rachkov, the Chairman of the Standing ... in these three dimensions,” Sergei Rachkov said. He noted that he ... resistance to NATO forces,” Sergei Rachkov recalled. At the same time ... peace process to continue,” Sergei Rachkov concluded.

Rachkov , Belarus , Russia , Ukraine , West , negotiation

Rachkov: systematic implementation of Military Doctrine is underway together with CSTO allies

... unacceptable – as stated by Sergei Rachkov, the Chairman of the Standing ... the President of Belarus,” Sergei Rachkov noted. “Actually, now the talk ... security, but not war,” Sergei Rachkov stated.

Rachkov , CSTO , Union State

Rachkov: our President has always demonstrated determination in defending interests of Belarusian people

Sergei Rachkov, the Chairman of the Standing ... of State to the West, Rachkov underlined, “This is a serious ... be preparing.” According to Mr. Rachkov, there is less and less ...

Rachkov , Belarus , President

Rachkov: it’s important to support Syrian Parliament’s desire to obtain observer status at CSTO PA

Sergei Rachkov, the Chairman of the Standing ... position of our country, senator Rachkov noted that in the current ...

Rachkov , CSTO

Rachkov: world is being rebuilt, but West won’t easily give up its influence

... opinion was expressed by Sergei Rachkov, the Chairman of the Standing ... ,” the senator is convinced. Sergei Rachkov noted that the sanctions policy ...

Rachkov , West , sanctions

Indonesia ready to open diplomatic or trade representation in Minsk

... Affairs and National Security, Sergei Rachkov, supported Indonesia's readiness to ...

Indonesia , belarus , co-operation , Rachkov

Belarus-UAE agree on parliamentary exchanges

... Affairs and National Security, Sergei Rachkov, met with the Chairman of ... of the IPU Assembly. Mr. Rachkov noted the successes in bilateral ...

uae , Rachkov , parliament

Rachkov about unacceptability of West’s lies

... National Assembly of Belarus, Sergei Rachkov, told journalists on the sidelines ... together in this issue.” Sergei Rachkov stressed that the Belarusian and ...

Rachkov , refugees

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