2022 referendum was transparent and democratic

... the results of the nationwide referendum held on February 27 th ... the Central Election Commission, the referendum was held transparently and democratically ... Minsk city commissions on the referendum have reported on the campaign ... . The results of the nationwide referendum will be announced after consideration ...

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Gigin: opposition campaign to disrupt referendum completely failed

... tried to disrupt the nationwide referendum, which took place in Belarus ... an attempt to disrupt the referendum, and before that – the discussion ...

Gigin , Belarus , referendum

China supports Belarusian people in their path of development

... results of the Belarusian nationwide referendum on constitutional amendments held on ... "We noted that the referendum on the amendments to the ...

Constitution , Referendum , China

Shpakovsky: once again Belarus has made a sovereign choice

... sovereign choice during the nationwide referendum on the amendments and additions ... with Alfa Radio The nationwide referendum on the amendments and additions ...

Shpakovsky , Belarus , referendum

CEC received no reports from observers about violations during referendum

... preliminary results of the nationwide referendum on the amendments and additions ... Igor Karpenko noted, “During the referendum, the Central Election Commission did ... observers about violations of the referendum legislation. We are waiting for ... and holding of the nationwide referendum.” The Chairman of the CEC ... and holding of the nationwide referendum countrywide.

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Constitutional amendments proposed by President supported by 82.86% of those coming to polling stations

... the preliminary results of the referendum According to preliminary data, 5 ... lists, took part in the referendum. 4,440,813 people, or ...

CEC , referendum , Constitution

Karpenko: constitutional referendum took place

... citizens of Belarus at the referendum on the amendments and additions ... the voting. Thus, the nationwide referendum was declared valid. 65.16 ... percent of the referendum participants from those included in ... the final results of the referendum.

Karpenko , CEC , referendum , Constitution

Orda about main features of referendum

... main features of the current referendum “At 8pm, as determined by ...

Referendum , constitution

Orda: referendum is a very important step forward

The nationwide referendum on amendments and additions to ... information centre for monitoring the referendum “The Constitution today is a ... draft adopted today at the referendum is a very important step ... high turnout at the nationwide referendum indicates that Belarusians support the ... during the days of the referendum, there were no serious violations ...

Orda , Referendum , Federation of trade unions

Serbian observer about principle of democracy at Belarusian referendum

... that we adequately assess the referendum taking place today in Belarus ... . About three weeks ago, a referendum was also held in Serbia ... , I can say that the referendum in your country is organised ... .” Milun Jovanovich stressed that the referendum that is taking place today ... want to present it, “The referendum is the highest point of ... draft Constitution submitted to the referendum meets all the requirements and ... observe the course of the referendum, but also to establish economic ...


Petrovsky: high turnout demonstrates people’s desire to live in peaceful Belarus

... information centre for monitoring the referendum “I assess high turnout as ... the Constitution, submitted to the referendum, are a compromise model, which ...

Petrovsky , referendum

Independent observer from Italy impressed with Belarusians’ patriotism

... are taking part in the referendum,” an independent international observer from ... the process of holding the referendum and registered a high level ... they have seen during the referendum in Belarus – in their own ... agree on changes. Otherwise, a referendum should be held. The difference ... more actively participate in the referendum than ours.”

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Belarus is an exporter of peace and order, expert asserts

Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research, shared his views on the yesterday’s telephone conversation between Aleksandr Lukashenko and French President Emmanuel Macron “The West always acts according to its general strategy. It is based on some advice and conversations but ends with nothing good. The West is trying to play with us and with Russia. Our President has clearly indicated: if you do not pose a threat to us, we will ensure peace and order," ...

avdonin , Referendum

Observer from Germany: polling stations work at highest level

Heinz-Rudolf Wehmeyer, an independent observer from Germany, is working at Mogilev’s polling stations today Photo: “I have been maintaining relations between Belarus and Germany, especially between the cities of Wittenberg and Mogilev, for about 30 years,” the international observer commented. “We are happy to welcome Belarusians, while our tourists, specialists and young people like to come here. We enjoy excellent civil relations, and this is much owing to an overall high level ...

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Lukashenko casts his ballot at constitutional referendum

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has cast his ballot at the nationwide referendum on amendments and additions to the Constitution of Belarus, BelTA reports Photo: The Head of State visited the polling station stationed at the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture – as is traditional.

Lukashenko , Referendum

42.93% of Belarusians voted ahead of schedule

... early voting at the nationwide referendum on amendments and additions to ...


Constitutional referendum being held in Belarus today

... voting day of the nationwide referendum on amendments and additions to ... ballot is considered invalid. The referendum is held by universal, free ... shall vote in person. The referendum shall be considered valid if ...


Italian senator hopes referendum will bring much benefit to Belarus

“We hope the referendum will bring much benefit to ... have arrived to observe the referendum, but first of all to ... observers to monitor the constitutional referendum but have already seen that ... . And we hope that this referendum will bring much benefit to ...

Constitution , Referendum , italy

Turnout totals 24.07% after three days of early voting

... included in the lists of referendum participants have already taken part ... in the constitutional referendum – as reported by the Central ... included in the lists of referendum participants received ballot papers. Early ... voting for the constitutional referendum will be running through February ...

CEC , referendum , constitution

Karpenko met with head of CIS observer mission

... are already working at the referendum in Belarus. At the same ... threats received by members of referendum commissions, “There were threats against ... , in spite of everything, the referendum could be held in accordance ...

Karpenko , CEC , referendum

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