Posted: 27.02.2022 22:45:00

Orda about main features of referendum

Commenting on the results of the work of national observers during the voting, the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, Mikhail Orda, said that high turnout and a clear organisation of commissions’ work are the main features of the current referendum

“At 8pm, as determined by law, the polling stations were closed. Now we can already talk about the first results of this most important campaign for the country. The first conclusion that can be drawn based on the data of national observers is the very high activity of citizens. Moreover, citizens actively voted from the very first day of voting. Of course, first of all, this is the result of the information and explanatory work that was carried out in labour teams and in the media,” noted the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions. “It is also very important to note the organisation of election commissions’ work. These are real professionals, prepared people who clearly and smoothly performed their work. Isolated cases of insults to members of election commissions and a number of provocations at polling stations were recorded today, but this did not affect the voting process in any way.”

Now the commissions have already started counting the votes, with observers present during this process.