AFU purchased uniform of Russia’s Armed Forces to prepare provocation in Kherson

... prepare a provocation in the Kherson direction, TASS reports with reference ... the emergency services of the Kherson Region Photo: ... about 700 sets in the Kherson direction. Apparently, provocations directed against ...

kherson , provocation , Armed Forces of Ukraine

RIA Novosti: Security Service of Ukraine killed 20 people for their co-operation with Russia

... right-bank part of the Kherson Region – as informed by RIA ...


Russian General Surovikin declared Kiev's readiness to use prohibited methods of war

... prohibited methods of warfare in Kherson and is planning a strike ... war in the area of Kherson, as well as the preparation ... rocket and artillery strike on Kherson indiscriminately. "Such actions may ... demands an offensive in the Kherson direction at any cost from ... emphasised that the situation in Kherson has become dangerous for its ...

kherson , russia , ukraine , surovikin

French expert believes referendums in Donbass are legitimate

... , Donetsk’s People’s Republic, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, RIA Novosti ...

lpr , dpr , kherson , zaporozhye , Referendum

Referendums on LPR, DPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions’ accession to Russia scheduled for September 23rd-27th

... Balitsky. The authorities of the Kherson Region have also announced the ...

Ukraine , lugansk , russia , donetsk , kherson , zaporozhye , referendum

Zelenskyy's decrees have no legal force in Kherson Region

... the Deputy Head of the Kherson Regional Military-Civilian Administration, Kirill ... fifteen military administrations in the Kherson Region. Since March, its territory ... the Deputy Head of the Kherson Regional Military-Civilian Administration – Zelenskyy ... does not apply to the Kherson Region,” he stressed. Mr. Stremousov ...

kherson , zelenskyy

Poll: over 50% of Zaporozhye and Kherson residents in favour of joining Russia

... that more than half of Kherson and Zaporozhye residents are in ... in a referendum. In the Kherson Region, this figure is lower ... of the pollees in the Kherson Region. The poll addressed 1 ... people in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, and the margin of ...

poll , kherson , zaporozhye

Ukrainian forces shot down a bus with civilians in Kherson

... bus with civilians in the Kherson Region – as informed by the ... the Ukrainian forces in the Kherson Region," Mr. Mizintsev said ...

kherson , Armed Forces of Ukraine

Almost all Ukrainian sabotage groups destroyed in Kherson

... on the territory of the Kherson Region – as informed by the ... Deputy Head of the Kherson Regional Military-Civilian Administration, Kirill ... the kind that enter the Kherson Region’s territory, “We will ... expressed an opinion that the Kherson Region should become part of ...

kherson , russia

Kherson Region asks for Russia’s military base on its territory

The Kherson Region’s authorities will ask ... Civil-Military Administration of the Kherson Region, Kirill Stremousov, all citizens ... Russian army that protects the Kherson Region today from constant attempts ... the Russian Federation in the Kherson Region,” he said. “We will ... military took control of the Kherson Region in mid-March. Civil ...

russia , military , kherson

Russia is not preparing referendum in Kherson

Information about Russia's preparation for a referendum in Kherson is not true. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko says he does not know about such plans, Ria Novosti reports Photo: "I have not heard about it,” Mr. Rudenko responded to a request to comment on the information – spread by some media – that a referendum is allegedly being prepared in Kherson.

russia , ukraine , kherson

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