Posted: 24.05.2022 15:49:00

Kherson Region asks for Russia’s military base on its territory

The Kherson Region’s authorities will ask Russia to deploy its military base on the territory of the region – thus guaranteeing security. As noted by the Deputy Head of the Civil-Military Administration of the Kherson Region, Kirill Stremousov, all citizens of the area are interested in this, RIA Novosti reports.


According to Mr. Stremousov, it is the Russian army that protects the Kherson Region today from constant attempts of Ukrainian nationalists to launch rocket attacks on villages and cities.

“There should be a military base of the Russian Federation in the Kherson Region,” he said. “We will ask for it, and the whole population is interested in it. Primarily, this is vital and essential, and this will guarantee security of the region and its residents.”

The Russian military took control of the Kherson Region in mid-March. Civil-military administrations have been formed in cities and districts by now.