Posted: 27.02.2022 21:45:00

Serbian observer about principle of democracy at Belarusian referendum

Milun Jovanovic from Serbia is working in Minsk as an international observer. He is engaged in the economy in his home city of Kraljevo, located two hundred kilometres from Belgrade. Therefore, a visit to Belarus is an opportunity for him to observe and to establish contacts on foreign economic activity while also learning something useful for his country.

“Having visited seven polling stations in Minsk, I want to assure you that we adequately assess the referendum taking place today in Belarus on introducing amendments and additions to the draft Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. About three weeks ago, a referendum was also held in Serbia to amend the draft Constitution. Comparing with ours, I can say that the referendum in your country is organised at the highest level,” the Serbian observer shared his opinion with the reporter. “We see how active citizens are when they come to polling stations. After talking to them, we understand that people are ready for the changes that were dictated by the time.”

Milun Jovanovich stressed that the referendum that is taking place today in Belarus can show western countries the principle of democracy that should be, and not the way the European countries want to present it, “The referendum is the highest point of democracy. We see the benevolent attitude of people towards the state. This is the best indicator. People vote for the future of their children and descendants, for the future of their country. The draft Constitution submitted to the referendum meets all the requirements and keeps pace with the times, for the benefit of the people of your country.”

Speaking about the purpose of his visit, Milun Jovanovich stressed that he had come not only to observe the course of the referendum, but also to establish economic relations between Belarus and Serbia, “We are keen on good relations with the Republic of Belarus. Once upon a time, our country faced sanctions, and in this regard, we understand your country. Even today we are grateful to the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, and the Belarusian people for supporting Serbia and our people in difficult times. This shows how much you appreciate the friendly relations between our states. We will not forget the dear attitude towards us, and I want to assure you that Serbia is ready to support Belarus in every possible way, especially now.”