Posted: 03.03.2022 15:49:00

2022 referendum was transparent and democratic

This statement has been made today at a meeting of Belarus’ Central Commission for Elections and Republican Referenda which – in line with Article 121 of the Electoral Code – summed up the results of the nationwide referendum held on February 27th

As stated by Igor Karpenko, the Chairman of the Central Election Commission, the referendum was held transparently and democratically, “Almost 200 international observers were invited to the country, and more than 45,000 national observers were present at the polling stations.”

A day before, the Central Election Commission received all seven protocols on the establishment of voting results from the regional and Minsk city commissions. In addition, copies of the city and district protocols on the voting results were submitted to the CEC to check the previously obtained data and verify control ratios.

The chairmen of all regional and Minsk city commissions on the referendum have reported on the campaign, and observers shared their conclusions. The results of the nationwide referendum will be announced after consideration of all protocols, conclusions and reports.