Posted: 02.03.2022 12:01:00

Gigin: opposition campaign to disrupt referendum completely failed

Representatives of the opposition tried to disrupt the nationwide referendum, which took place in Belarus on February 27th, but they failed. Then the destructive personalities decided to shake the society using other methods, said Vadim Gigin, the Chairman of the Republican Znanie Belarusian Society, during his talk with Alfa Radio.

“The entire campaign [of the opposition] connected with an attempt to disrupt the referendum, and before that – the discussion of additions and amendments – completely failed,” said Vadim Gigin. “We saw how the Belarusian society acted in a consolidated manner: both supporters of Aleksandr Lukashenko and his opponents – the people who stayed in the country and for whom it is dear. The enthusiasm was amazing, with people thoroughly studying the Constitution. The turnout was huge, and the attempt to destabilise the situation inside the country failed.”

The expert explained that after realising their failure, the destructive elements tried to resort to other informational reasons, “They decided to use the military operation [as an excuse] to allegedly raise the remaining radical, extremist-minded supporters of the 2020 movement under the flag of anti-war moods,” noted Mr. Gigin. “I saw them near the Defence Ministry and started a conversation with some, but it turned out... A person goes out for peace, against war, but has hatred and aggression in their eyes and, of course, fear. Because they are afraid of Belarusian citizens: not only of the law enforcement officers, but also the reaction of our society to their behaviour. That is why there are so few of them. Several hundred people were there, and the call to protest on Monday completely failed. Nevertheless, they continue this information attack.”