Petrishenko: Belarus will defend its athletes’ rights in international arena

... by Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko As he visited one of ... sports facilities – Bobruisk Arena, Mr. Petrishenko commented on an issue that ... they are deeply mistaken.” Mr. Petrishenko noted that a relevant calendar ...

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Petrishenko: high-quality medical care must be available countrywide

... ,” Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, said as he took part ... of our medical institutions,” Mr. Petrishenko said, adding that, in 2021 ...

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Belarus, Azerbaijan to maintain trade and economic co-operation

... Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, as he met with the ... of bilateral relations, and Mr. Petrishenko said, “Relations between Belarus and ... developing along all avenues.” Mr. Petrishenko added that, from January-November ... processing, and crop production. Mr. Petrishenko added that Belarus liaises with ... host a similar event.” Mr. Petrishenko expressed hope that the pre ... other on international platforms,” Mr. Petrishenko stressed. In turn, Mr. Bakhshaliyev ...

petrishenko , azerbaijan

Belarusian athletes tasked to win cross-country skiing and biathlon events at Olympics

... the Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko Photo: “I ... Deputy Prime Minister said. Mr. Petrishenko noted that the issues of ...

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Over 60 diverse investment projects being realised in Belarus

Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, delivered a speech at a ... our country at present,” Mr. Petrishenko said. The official informed that ... co-operation,” he added. Mr. Petrishenko noted that investment activity is ...

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Belarus calls on WHO to investigate Poland’s outrage over refugees

Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, met with the WHO Regional ... framework of international organisations,” Mr. Petrishenko said. He assured that the ... beat.” As an example, Mr. Petrishenko mentioned a group of refugees ... the territory of Belarus. Mr. Petrishenko also spoke of the need ...

petrishenko , who , refugees , border

Our Children campaign and charity fundraising

Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, has discussed preparations for the ... January 14 th , 2022,” Mr. Petrishenko said. Every year, top officials ... and care. According to Mr. Petrishenko, the number of participants is ... Republican contests and Olympiads. Mr. Petrishenko noted that about 4,500 ...

petrishenko , charity , campaign

Petrishenko: exports of medical educational services need to be increased

Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, has visited Grodno Medical University ... in focus of attention. Mr. Petrishenko thanked doctors, saying, “Grodno State ...

petrishenko , university , healthcare

Government discussed preparations for Slavianski Bazaar festival

... the Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko More than three months have ... thoughts and creative projects,” Mr. Petrishenko said. The organising committee paid ... festival. Moreover, according to Mr. Petrishenko, the city infrastructure needs to ... holding this landmark event,” Mr. Petrishenko stressed.

slavianski bazaar , government , petrishenko

EAEU to jointly respond to sanctions

... Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, following the results of the ... consensus at this stage,” Mr. Petrishenko noted. According to the Deputy ... to unjustified economic pressure,” Mr. Petrishenko stressed, adding that the decision ...

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Enough COVID-19 vaccines in the country to protect all citizens

... the Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, during his visit to the ... organisms resist the virus,” Mr. Petrishenko said. According to the Deputy ... we’ll gain pace.” Mr. Petrishenko added that, to effectively combat ...

vaccine , COVID , petrishenko , medicine

Deputy Prime Minister Petrishenko is convinced: the older generation demonstrates faithful service to their country

... the Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, on the eve of the ... Minister addressed those present. Mr. Petrishenko noted that older people pass ... help those in need,” Mr. Petrishenko stated.

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