Posted: 02.08.2023 12:19:00

Petrishenko: preparations for 2nd CIS Games at involved venues provided to high standard

The country has successfully completed preparations for the 2nd CIS Games – as noted by Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko after a meeting at the Operations and Co-ordination Centre of the 2nd CIS Games in Belarusian State University of Physical Culture. During the event, the Deputy PM heard readiness reports from representatives of responsible ministries and departments.

“We have everything completely ready; we listened to reports from all regions of Belarus, and all responsible ministries and departments reported on their readiness, including ministries of Culture, Transport and Communications, Education and Healthcare. Complete readiness for the 2nd CIS Games has been ensured. The centre itself has started its regular work format. It was established in order to manage the entire process: to collect information, to generalise and, if there are any non-standard moments, to make the necessary decisions in all areas of the Games.”

He also noted that guests and teams are already arriving, being provided with everything necessary. Athletes expect to get used to the local climatic conditions and visit the sights. Igor Petrishenko drew attention to the fact that representatives from Tajikistan have already arrived in Belarus.

“They visited the holy places associated with the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Guests of the country will be also provided with other excursion routes. Thus, we provide all the necessary training and preparatory process,” he added.

The 2nd CIS Games will be held from August 4th-14th in Belarus, with competitions held across twenty sport varieties. Igor Petrishenko recalled that in preparation for the Games, it was decided to take a non-standard approach: to involve sites across 11 cities: Minsk, regional centres and a number of large cities, including Soligorsk, Zhlobin and Orsha.

“Over 240 facilities are involved in order to hold high-quality competitions. We are expecting the arrival of 2,188 accredited athletes from twenty-three countries. It turns out that we have nine CIS member states and 14 more countries.”

The Deputy PM noted that the preparations for the competitions are provided at the involved venues to a high standard. Nutrition, medical support, anti-doping control, security issues are in the field of view of the Organising Committee and the Operational and Co-ordination Centre. A high level of competition will be ensured.

“I hope that we will see new records and will root for our athletes first of all,” Igor Petrishenko summed up.