Posted: 12.05.2023 09:21:00

Deputy PM: II CIS Games to help Belarus demonstrate its tourism potential

Nine CIS countries have already confirmed their participation in II CIS Games, and Belarus’ friends from the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, Cuba and Egypt will take part in certain sports – as informed by Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko


The Deputy PM said that the competitions will be held in an open format. In addition to the Commonwealth states, teams from China, the UAE, Mongolia, Cuba and Egypt will take part.

"Our idea is to hold competitions in different Belarusian cities to demonstrate their tourist potential to visitors," he said. “Fans and tourists will be actively visiting our country from August 4th-14th. Among those attending sports events there will be foreign tourists supporting their teams and also Belarusian fans,” Mr. Petrishenko added, expressing hope that II CIS Games will be well organised.

“We are active in our information campaign. A website, Telegram and YouTube channels have been launched, and we are actively posting information on social networks and in print media,” he said. “TV also widely covers the upcoming competitions. The symbols have been developed – including a logo and a slogan; we will soon see all these elements on our athletes' clothes and on fans' accessories. Residents of the country will be able to purchase mascots of the Games and support our athletes in this way.”

As the Deputy PM noted, preparatory work related to the opening and closing of the Games is also underway. Both ceremonies will be held at the Minsk-Arena sports and entertainment complex.