Posted: 26.12.2022 12:14:00

Cosmonaut Novitsky commented on possibility of Lukashenko's space flight

The lifestyle of the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, is a good example for all people, and therefore the Head of State would cope well with a space flight – as noted by a Belarusian cosmonaut and a Hero of Russia, Oleg Novitsky, in his talk with BelTA

Mr. Novitsky earlier communicated with the Belarusian leader more than once. In July 2022, Aleksandr Lukashenko invited the cosmonaut to his small homeland. Mr. Novitsky went there with his daughter Yana, attending a festival in Alexandria on the eve of that meeting. The parties discussed a variety of topics in a warm home environment, and the President, of course, offered his guests many treats. Moreover, he acted as a chef and cooked his Youth. Anti-COVID salad, with such ingredients as green onions, fresh cucumbers, and boiled eggs.

When asked by BelTA whether he liked the President’s salad then, Mr. Novitsky commented, “I really liked it. It is simple, but it has a small nuance: Belarusian products should be used as its ingredients.”

The cosmonaut also shared his impressions of personal communication with Aleksandr Lukashenko, “He is a wonderful man, so simple to communicate with. Moreover, it is clear that he is an economic person. He knows all nuances regarding agriculture, industry, and ordinary everyday issues," Mr. Novitsky said, adding that the lifestyle of the Belarusian President should be adopted by others.

“He [Aleksandr Lukashenko] is a good example for all people. He can work physically and practice cold acclimation, he can rest. It is interesting to talk to him, to learn from his life experience, and the experience of communicating with people. That is, I learned a lot for myself personally in just one day,” the cosmonaut stressed.

Answering the clarifying question whether Aleksandr Lukashenko would have coped with a flight into orbit, Mr. Novitsky said, “He would have coped quite well. He would have headed either the station or the spacecraft at least."