Posted: 09.11.2022 13:18:00

Belarusian cosmonaut may fly into orbit in September 2023

A flight of the Belarusian cosmonaut as part of Russia’s crew is scheduled for autumn 2023 – as informed by the Director of the Geoinformation Systems Scientific and Engineering Republican Unitary Enterprise of the National Academy of Sciences, Sergey Zolotoy, while attending the Spacewalk dialogue platform in Minsk


Ivan Bucha, the Head of the NAS Space Activities Department, shared the details, “More than twenty people were selected for a space flight in Belarus, and they all have passed a medical examination. Further decisions will be made by the Cosmonaut Training Centre. Initially, the applicants' medical documents will be sent for consideration, and then – based on their results – about ten people will be selected for medical examination at the centre. Two of them will be chosen then: the main contender and the understudy.”

Earlier, the media reported that among the potential cosmonauts are several candidates of sciences, masters, and researchers. Women account for a third of them.

All candidates are citizens of Belarus aged 25-40, fluent in English, with higher education in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, rocket and space technology.