Belarus reports six airspace violations by EU since August 2023

... construction and development of the Armed Forces was updated. Valery Revenko emphasised ... training of the foreign states’ armed forces lead to an increase in ... to ensure border security, the Armed Forces continue to implement on a ...

Belarus , state border , airspace , armed forces

Armed Forces representative explained how Belarusian military train in conditions of tense geopolitical situation

... Combat Training Directorate of the Armed Forces, commented on how the Belarusian ...

Belarus , armed forces , military training

General Staff representative shed light on points dealing with nuclear weapons in Belarus’ updated Military Doctrine

... the General Staff of Belarus’ Armed Forces, commented on the draft updated ...

general staff , armed forces , Belarus , defence , military doctrine

Expert named factors that allowed Belarusian Armed Forces to be among top 20 global armies

... of the world The Belarusian Armed Forces joined the list of the ... the combat capability of its Armed Forces.”

armed forces , Belarus , Belyaev , opinion

Chief of Armed Forces’ Electronic Warfare Department: Belarus’ electronic warfare equipment known far beyond the country’s borders

... the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus, in his talk ...

armed forces , Belarus , Electronic Warfare

Scheduled combat readiness exercises launched at Belarus’ Armed Forces

... training has begun in the Armed Forces of Belarus, the Defence Ministry ...

defence ministry , armed forces

Military expert: Belarusian Polonez to reach any unfriendly capital, if necessary

... rocket artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Belarus, and the Missile ... Artillery Troops Department of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus ...

polonez , armed forces , Belarus , defence

Expert informed on capabilities of Belarus’ radar stations

In his talk with SB TV , Anatoly Bulavko, the Deputy Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence Forces of Belarus, explained what domestic radar stations are capable of PHOTO: VIDEO SCREENSHOT As noted by the programme host, the line of complexes of the Belarusian radio engineering troops includes the latest radar stations that help detect the enemy in the air at lightning speed. Mr. Bulavko responded, “We have a very good school related to radio electronics, and this is undoubtful. It is good ...

Belarus , armed forces , defence , radar

Expert explained grounds for high efficiency of Belarusian army

... 's interests without using the armed forces. We are achieving this goal ...

Belarus , armed forces , gigin , opinion

Polonez-M entered service with Belarusian army

... rocket artillery brigade of Belarus’ Armed Forces, the Defence Ministry reports Photo ...

belarus , armed forces , polonez

Media: Ukrainians protest demanding demobilisation and rotation of AFU soldiers

Relatives of the mobilised Ukrainians go to protest actions in Kiev and other cities demanding the demobilisation or at least rotation of those who were drafted into the army at the beginning of the special military operation of the Russian Federation, TASS reports with reference to the Telegraph publication Photo: People went to Nezavisimosti Square in Kiev with posters reading: ‘Demobilisation to our defenders!’, ‘My husband has been at war for 586 days. It's time for others ...

Ukraine , armed forces , protests

Bulavko announced Belarusian army’s readiness to respond to provocations

... Military Information Agency of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus ...

Belarus , defence , Armed Forces

Gulevich on bilateral comprehensive exercise: we’ve outlined ways to improve our Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of Belarus have finished bilateral ... the practice of training the Armed Forces. The forces and equipment involved ... the General Staff of the Armed Forces – First Deputy Defence Minister of ... that we have in the Armed Forces,” he said.

Belarus , exercise , Armed forces , Gulevich

Belarus’ Armed Forces to conduct bilateral comprehensive exercise

... will be held in the Armed Forces of Belarus from September 22nd ...

Armed Forces , Belarus , exercise , Defence Ministry

Expert commented on real state of affairs at Polish Armed Forces: they rattle weapons, while their military have to buy food at their own expense

There will be no major geopolitical Polish project, since this country has neither the resources nor any ideological programme to implement its Napoleonic plan – as stated by Vadim Gigin, the Director General of the National Library of Belarus, in his talk with Alfa Radio The adventurous course in domestic and foreign policy, initiated by Pilsudski, is still observed in modern Poland, and – according to the expert – it will bring no good to the country. “Pilsudski brought Poland to the ...

poland , armed forces , gigin , opinion

Military expert on Belarus’ defence capability: the country is qualitatively modernising its Armed Forces

... Policy, informed on how Belarus’ Armed Forces are being modernised, and who ... increasing the number of its Armed Forces and supplying offensive weapons, the ... to the development of the Armed Forces – including ‘the deliveries of the ... Iskander complexes’. “We want our Armed Forces to be modern,” Mr. Revenko ... in the number of Belarus’ Armed Forces. We had 65 thousand of ... are simply qualitatively modernising our Armed Forces.” The expert added that Belarus ...

armed forces , Belarus

RIA Novosti: Ukrainian medical service in Kherson secretly removes organs for transplantation from AFU fighters’ bodies

Organs are being removed from bodies of Ukrainian soldiers for transplantation in the Kherson military hospital controlled by Kiev, and this fact is not disclosed to their relatives – as stated by a representative of Russian law enforcement agencies with reference to a source familiar with the situation in the medical institution, RIA Novosti reports Photo: In particular, the source said, “In the course of communication with medical staff of the military hospital in Kherson, it was ...

Ukraine , armed forces , transplantation

Volfovich: Belarus’ Armed Forces and other military formations serve in enhanced format

The Armed Forces of Belarus and other military ... structures of Belarus, primarily the Armed Forces and other troops and military ... to avoid us and the Armed Forces of Russia, which are conducting ... , the methods of using the Armed Forces and other military formations in ...

volfovich , armed forces , Belarus

Belarus’ Defence Ministry: new stage of comprehensive combat readiness check of Armed Forces scheduled for May

... the General Staff of the Armed Forces, First Deputy Defence Minister of ... , special operations forces of the Armed Forces, operational commands, missile forces and ...

Belarus , armed forces , defence ministry

Missile troops and artillery units of Belarus’ Armed Forces march to designated areas

... forces and artillery of the Armed Forces of Belarus are marching to ...

defence ministry , armed forces

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