Posted: 08.04.2024 14:33:58

MAZ on its work in Q1 2024: there is much to be proud of

The Minsk Automobile Works (MAZ) has successfully completed the first quarter of 2024, reports with reference to the MAZ JSC media centre


“Compared to the first quarter of 2023, the increase in production amounted to 126.4 per cent. The growth rate of production (volume index) is 130.4 per cent. A positive financial result has been achieved. We produced 492 more units of equipment, taking into account machine kits. The average daily work rate of the conveyor increased by 19 per cent,” the company informed.

According to the results of the first quarter, the export of the company's products increased by 18.2 per cent compared to the same period in 2023, the return on sales increased by more than 7 per cent, and the average salary increased by 36 per cent.

“All contracts for 2024 are being successfully fulfilled. By improving the quality of products, we increase demand,” the company added.

The Minsk Automobile Works (MAZ) is the flagship of the automotive industry of the Republic of Belarus. The company specialises in the production of cargo, passenger, trailer, and special equipment. The company produces about 500 models and modifications of on-board and all-wheel drive vehicles, dump trucks, chassis, tractors, timber trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, cranes, special equipment, about 15 models of buses, and electric buses.