Posted: 23.02.2024 10:22:00

Expert: Belarus ahead of European countries in cheese production per capita

According to Svetlana Kondratenko, the Deputy Director for Scientific Work at the Institute of System Research in Agriculture of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, the modernised food industry and the availability of its own high-quality agricultural raw materials enable Belarus to expand its export potential and explore new markets. The export basket is dominated by high-margin products: sausages, smoked meats, semi-finished products, yoghurts, cheeses, confectionery made of chocolate and sugar, baby and canned food, as well as other original Belarusian products already known to foreign consumers.

“The global food market is developing favourably for domestic suppliers,” Ms. Kondratenko emphasised. “There is an increase in demand and prices for almost all Belarusian products that are being exported. In particular, the import demand for butter and milk powder from Asian countries is growing. The stocks of Western European producers are limited, and this situation has forced European suppliers to focus on the domestic market, freeing up many export niches.”

The expert added, “At the same time, I want to stress that Belarus has already joined the list of the global leaders in cheese production per capita – ahead of many European countries, including Germany and France.”

According to Ms. Kondratenko, the global cheese market is expected to grow up to 4.5 percent per year in the future, and the Chinese market – up to 10 percent. “This means that domestic producers have every chance to increase export supplies of cheeses and other dairy products,” she noted.