BELAZ dump truck set all-Russian record for transporting rock mass

... and awards for high production achievements,” the Russian company added. The ... potential of mining equipment and achieve high performance,” the Production Director ... Smirnov, commented on the miners' achievement. Kuzbassrazrezugol is a Russian coal ...

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Gusakov named significant achievements of Belarus’ science

... named the latest plant varieties, achievements in biotechnology, the creation of ... research. “We’ve ensured the achievement of all target indicators,” he ...

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Do you lack the nerve?

... guide with information on record achievements from around the world. Our ... represented there: many of the achievements included in the Guinness Book ... not encourage their heroes for achievements alone; on the contrary, ... , he exceeded his own achievement in the bench press with ... example, Sergei Zaslavsky, who boasts achievements in multi-repetitive push-ups ... Maksim Trukhonovets also set several achievements for the Guinness Book of ... a comprehensive encyclopaedia of world achievements. Firstly, it is clear ...

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