BSU Biology Faculty launches new specialty

... Faculty – as reported by the BSU press service Photo: www.autogear ... science, mathematics and statistics,” the BSU explained. The specialty is interdisciplinary ... by the press service, the BSU Biology Faculty now offers training ... in English. As informed, the BSU Geography and Geoinformatics Faculty will ...

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BSU expanding its presence in global academic space

... of the Belarusian State University (BSU), the main achievement of the ... planned figures. Moreover, in 2021, BSU was recognised as the best ... a stable positive image of BSU abroad, the expansion of the ...

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Belarusian-Chinese media centre opened in BSU

... ceremony was attended by the BSU Prorector for Academic Work and ... Yaotian Education Centre – Wang Yaotian, BSU employees and students, as informed ... journalism students and promotion of BSU among Chinese applicants. Since training ... example, already make videos about BSU studies for Instagram, WeChat and ... co-operating with BSU since 2012. By now, BSU’s information ... and education centre in Beijing, BSU’s pre-university education centre ... foreign students as part of BSU’s International Relations Department have ...

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Online congratulations for BSU

... can be posted here by BSU students, employees, lecturers, graduates and ...

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Belarusian State University is 100!

... rankings and Ms. Zdrok explained, “BSU follows trends in the educational ... over 60 states. They choose BSU due to certain advantages. Among ...

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Partisans of Belarus on show at BSU

... the Belarusian State University The BSU Rector, Andrei Korol, addressed all ...

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