Posted: 27.12.2023 10:54:00

Iran says US preventing Gaza Strip ceasefire by ‘tying UN hands’

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said that the United States is impeding the establishment of a ceasefire in Gaza by ‘tying the hands’ of the international community, primarily, the UN, RIA Novosti reports


As Nasser Kanaani noted, Iran has made efforts so that international organisations establish a ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible. But, as a representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry explained, these organisations have failed to accomplish this task. The US has veto power in the UN, and using this power, Washington has freed Israel’s hands in continuing military activities in Gaza.

Kanaani also stressed that Iran, from the very beginning of the conflict in Gaza, has been in close contact with the Qatari authorities on the issue of establishing a ceasefire in Palestine.