Posted: 16.04.2024 10:44:00

Biden refused to testify about his family's business dealings

The White House has told the Chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, James Comer, that US President Joe Biden does not accept his invitation to testify at the impeachment hearings, TASS reports with reference to the American leader’s adviser on legal issues, Richard Sauber


Information on the US President’s decision has been reported by CNN, which got the corresponding letter at its disposal. The latter reads, “Your impeachment investigation is over. We decline the invitation for President Biden to testify.”

In addition, Mr. Sauber accused Mr. Comer of spreading ‘false and unsupported allegations’.

On April 1st, a member of the Lower House of Congress, Don Bacon (Republican, from Nebraska), informed that lawyers hired by Congress had not found evidence of a crime during the investigation into the impeachment of President Biden. According to him, ‘the investigation is nearing completion’.

At present, Republicans of the House of Representatives are conducting an impeachment investigation against Democrat Biden. In this context, they investigate, among other things, the financial affairs of the brother and son of the American leader. Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson noted on December 2nd that the White House was obstructing the Republican investigation of alleged crimes they suspect Biden and his family members of committing.

Republicans have repeatedly claimed that the family of the US President receives funds from companies, including foreign ones, for using political influence in the interests of business. Mr. Comer stressed that Joe Biden ‘must answer the questions of the Americans’, in particular, explain the terms of financial arrangements with his brother, name whether he received large sums from other relatives who co-operated with the business.

Joe Biden denies any involvement in influence peddling, including during previous periods in public service, when he was vice President of the United States and a member of the Senate of Congress.