Mexico refuses to accept migrants deported from Texas

... of Senate Bill 4 in Texas, RIA Novosti reports photo: www ... to its territory made by Texas ‘under any circumstances’. Moreover, it ... entry into force of the Texas SB4, expanding the powers of ...

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Media: Texas may secede from the United States after US presidential election

The state of Texas may initiate the process of ... .COM As the newspaper notes, Texas has an ‘alarmingly high number ... signed a pledge called Take Texas Back. According to the document ... on approving the status of Texas as an independent state. The ... the subject of disputes between Texas and the federal government for ... several years now. Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott appealed ...

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Media: flow of illegal migrants to Texas halved in three years

Due to Texas authorities’ tightening their border security ... US Customs and Border Protection, Texas’ share of total arrests of ...

US , Texas , illegal migration , border , Mexico

The Texas syndrome

... Washington has flared up. The Texas National Guard took control of ... sent their subordinate units to Texas. The situation turned out to ... January 26th. Democratic senators from Texas have called on Biden to ... independence have sharply intensified in Texas. Just a month ago, ... its peak, the people of Texas collected 139 thousand signatures in ... about the creation of the Texas Republic sharply intensify. Separatist communities ... government groups. Indeed, why should Texas participate in Pan-American risk ...

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Elon Musk planning to build his own town in Texas

... near the city of Austin (Texas) – as reported by The Wall ... idea is to create a Texas utopia, where employees of his ... , are already being built in Texas. A group of modular houses ... -fledged big city. According to Texas law, an application for registration ...

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