Posted: 26.03.2024 10:38:00

Mexico refuses to accept migrants deported from Texas

The Mexican government has announced that it will not accept its migrants, who are planned to be deported back to its territory after the entry into force of Senate Bill 4 in Texas, RIA Novosti reports


The Mexican Foreign Ministry noted that the country confirms its legal right to protect the rights of its citizens in the US and establish its own immigration policy on its territory.

It is also reported that Mexico recognises the importance of a unified immigration policy and bilateral efforts with the US to ensure that migration is safe, orderly and not dependent on state or local legislative decisions. In this regard, Mexico will not accept deportations to its territory made by Texas ‘under any circumstances’.

Moreover, it is noted that the Mexican government condemned the entry into force of the Texas SB4, expanding the powers of local security forces and allowing them to deport to Mexico citizens of this country who do not have permission to remain.

The Foreign Ministry noted that Mexico ‘categorically rejects any measure that allows state or local authorities to carry out immigration control tasks, detain and return citizens or foreigners to Mexican territory’.