Posted: 14.02.2024 12:28:00

Media: flow of illegal migrants to Texas halved in three years

Due to Texas authorities’ tightening their border security policies, the flow of illegal migrants crossing the southern US border into the state has halved over the past three years, TASS reports


According to the Washington Examiner, citing US Customs and Border Protection, Texas’ share of total arrests of undocumented migrants in the United States dropped to 34 percent by early 2024 – down from 69 percent in 2021. This significant decline is due to strengthening of control over illegal US-Mexico border crossings in the state.

Now migrants are forced to find ways to cross into the US through other states such as California, Arizona and New Mexico. As a result, these states’ combined share of total illegal immigrant arrests rose to 41 percent by late 2023 – up from 31 percent in 2021.