Posted: 13.06.2024 16:35:00

UN: number of refugees and displaced persons exceeded 120m worldwide

The UN reported that the number of refugees and forcibly displaced persons in the world who fled their homes due to human rights violations, wars and violence reached 117.3 million at the end of 2023. By late April 2024, it exceeded, according to experts, 120m, TASS reports.


It is noted that by late 2023, 117.3m people were forcibly displaced. They were forced to flee ‘persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations and events seriously disrupting public order’. The UN noted that the growth was 8 percent, or 8.8 million people, compared with late 2022. Thus, by April 2024, the number of forcible displaced persons exceeded 120m.

The UN stressed that 43.4m of the 117.3m people are refugees who have left the territory of their countries, 68.3m are internally displaced persons, and the rest belong to other categories.

It is also reported that almost three quarters of the world’s refugees come from five countries: Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine and Sudan. In late 2023, the number of refugees from Ukraine stood at 6m – 5 percent more than a year earlier. About 2.6m refugees from this country, or 44 percent, have found shelter in neighbouring countries.