Dogs in unusual costumes parade during Rio Carnival

On February 10th, a parade of dogs took place during the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Dozens of pets dressed as mermaids, superheroes, butterflies and clowns paraded alongside their owners in a themed party, The Associated Press reports. PHOTO: WWW.APNEWS.COM The ‘Blocão’ — a play on words that joins ‘bloco’, which refers to Carnival street parties and ‘cão’, or dog in Portuguese — gathered over 200 people in Rio’s beachside Barra de Tijuca neighbourhood. Dressed in tulle and sequins, the furry ...

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State Border Committee: Lithuanian barbed wire fence killed more than 20 wild animals

... barbered wire fence, 24 wild animals have died to date, Belarus ... the Lithuanian dangerous barrier. The animal tried to cross into Lithuanian ... State Border Committee, 24 wild animals, including 15 elk, eight roe ... has recorded 41 cases of animal deaths due to the border ...

State Border Committee , lithuania , animals , fence

European barbed wire fatally injured animal

... case of death of an animal at the border due to ... It is noted that the animal received fatal cuts while overcoming ... facts of the death of animals from the EU dangerous barriers ...

State Border Committee , Belarus , border , animals

Some species of animals may disappear because of European barbed wire, deputy asserts

... scientific community, some species of animals may soon disappear because of ... may lose some species of animals,” Ms. Chernyavskaya drew attention. The ... barbed wire has killed 19 animals, including 16 elk, two roe ...

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Moose died near Lithuanian border in attempt to get through barbed wire

... border guards found a dead animal with damaged body and eyes ... the snow indicated that the animal had passed through a barbed ...

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Attraction of a natural pearl

... , observing the life of wild animals and birds, alongside kayaking. In ... , featuring enlarged dwellings of various animals. Visitors will be able to ... the local forest zoo. Many animals ended up here because they ...

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New vaccine for safety of animals developed in Belarus

... new vaccine for safety of animals – BolsheVAK – while working under the ... years. Some infectious diseases of animals have been eliminated, the incidence ...

animals , science , veterinary

Minsk Zoo happy to jointly celebrate World Animal Protection Day

... entertainment events dedicated to World Animal Protection Day – as its website ... by Tatiana Stolyarova "World Animal Protection Day – celebrated on October ... in protection of nature and animals, and to remind that we ...

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Hare hunting season starts on October 2nd in Belarus

In accordance with the hunting regulations, the white and brown hare hunting season opens on October 2 nd – as reported by Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen Photo: Male and female hare are allowed for hunting in the daytime. However, there are some hunting restrictions until the first Saturday in November. Rifles can be used for hare stalking only with hounds that have a field diploma in hare or fox. Up to three hunters can go to the forest with one such hound and ...

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