Posted: 14.06.2024 15:56:00

Secretary General of Belarusian Red Cross Society on far-fetched accusations against Belarus

Belarus continues to help children who had to go through difficult times at home. Thousands of children from the affected and dilapidated towns and villages of Donbass are coming to the republic, and the policy of Belarus – as well as of its President Aleksandr Lukashenko – is that there are no other people's children. However, some personalities, while staying in Poland and Lithuania, are trying to accuse Belarus of some far-fetched violation of international law regarding Ukrainian children. Outright misinformation is being spread about their deportation. In this way, representatives of the so-called opposition demonstrate their loyalty to the current Ukrainian government and the EU countries. The latter, in turn, also believe that they help the children of Donbass by supplying the Kiev regime with weapons, because of which boys and girls are killed and become disabled there. Dmitry Shevtsov, the Secretary General of the Belarusian Red Cross Society, commented on the issue.

“When certain media began to accuse Belarus, its leadership and the Aleksei Talai Foundation of almost kidnapping and deporting Ukrainian children, I realised that the Belarusian Red Cross was to come next, since it is actively involved in working with these children. Upon understanding that it was a rather serious accusation, I joined Aleksei Talai's mission to Donbass to make sure once again that all the children with whom we had worked in Belarus returned home safely, that they are alive and well. As a result, our mission confirmed that, so what kind of deportations can be talked about? All children come to Belarus with official powers of attorney from their parents, guardians or orphanage heads, and – in line with these documents – they are obliged to return home (also following Belarus’ legislation). Moreover, in addition to unfounded accusations, can anyone name the children who have allegedly not returned home? There are no such facts,” Mr. Shevtsov stated.

Meanwhile, as added by the expert, it is really necessary to figure out the real cases of how children are taken away from refugees in ‘democratic’ Europe, how they are sent to LGBT families, how girls are being turned into boys and vice versa, and so on. It also happens that children disappear altogether – maybe becoming victims of the criminal donor industry. It’s no need for anyone to worry about Belarus: the country is not just a place of excursions and recreation for its young guests, but also an opportunity to realise what childhood is and should be, what true peace means, and how it looks like.