Posted: 19.04.2024 15:30:00

Expert on US and German military drills in Lithuania

On April 19th, the Saber Strike exercise of units of the US and German armies kicked off in Lithuania, involving about 600 American troops and 120 wheeled vehicles deployed from Poland. The stated goal is to demonstrate the ability to quickly transfer units, as well as to achieve a deterrent effect. In his talk with Alfa Radio, deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, Director General of the National Library Vadim Gigin spoke about what Lithuania is going to restrain.

“The nature of these military drills testifies to NATO’s aggressive intentions,” the expert underlined. “They are preparing to deploy over 90,000 troops against us, bringing up hundreds of armoured vehicles, aircraft, and fleets. So-called battalion tactical groups have been deployed along our entire border. They represent a reinforced battalion with warehouses, armoured vehicles, and headquarters, creating the infrastructure for the possible deployment of a larger group. They have developed a plan to transform battalion tactical groups into brigades. A NATO battalion, e.g., can consist of 500-800 people, a tactical group can comprise up to 1,000 people, while a brigade unites several thousand.”

Vadim Gigin also commented on the absurd statement of the Estonian Commander that the Russian Armed Forces are preparing to attack his country, “Recently, the Chief of the Defence Forces of Estonia made a statement that if Russia attacks, they would destroy Russian infrastructure and block the Baltic Sea. What does it mean ‘in case of an attack by Russia’? Where is it going to attack you? Are there any threats? Has anyone made statements or formed groups? No, nothing like that, there is no threat. They’re preparing for aggression against us, creating infrastructure. Even without these manoeuvres, without the transfer of troops, NATO armed forces near our border are many times larger than Belarus’ Armed Forces.”