Posted: 20.05.2024 15:27:00

Media: Macron overestimates France's ability to ensure Europeэs security with nuclear deterrence

Professor of Law at Oxford University Derrick Wyatt said French President Emmanuel Macron overestimates his country’s ability to ensure the security of Europe with nuclear deterrence forces, Politico reports


According to the Professor, Macron is mistaken in believing that France’s ‘nuclear umbrella’ can protect Europe, advising to ‘gently explain this to the French leader’.

Earlier, Macron stated the need to counter the threat allegedly ‘emanating from Russian nuclear weapons’; in this regard, Europe needs its own nuclear protection. According to the French leader, against this background, France can play a vital role.

As the expert noted, France currently does not have tactical nuclear weapons that could provide ‘a limited or gradual response to the use of such weapons by Russia’.