Posted: 03.05.2024 12:30:00

Macron said Europe facing triple existential risk

French President Emmanuel Macron said that modern Europe is facing a triple existential threat, and a new paradigm is needed to confront it, TASS reports


Emmanuel Macron noted that the triple existential threat to Europe looks like this: ‘a military and security risk; an economic risk for our prosperity; an existential risk of internal incoherence and disruption to the functioning of our democracies’.

According to Mr. Macron, ‘a new geopolitical, economic and societal paradigm for Europe’ is needed to address these challenges. He believes that Europe should take care of ensuring its own security and ensure its strategic autonomy across various spheres.

The French leader also added that Europe needs to think about the vulnerabilities of the liberal democratic system and how to resist the methods of manipulating public opinion in the era of social networks and smartphones.