Police used tear gas to disperse protesters against Macron’s arrival

... the arrival of President Emmanuel Macron, RIA Novosti reports with reference ... : Earlier, Emmanuel Macron arrived in the commune of ... that it was time for Macron to resign. The square was ... is also reported that Emmanuel Macron chose not to communicate with ...

france , macron , protests

Media: France prepared plan for Russia-Ukraine talks

French President Emmanuel Macron may propose to China a ... sources, notes, “French President Emmanuel Macron is looking to reverse a ... summer ‘if all goes well’. Macron’s plan will be based ... to Bloomberg, an official from Macron’s office confirmed that Bonne ...

Russia , Ukraine , China , France , Macron , peace talks

Gigin: protest movement in Europe will grow

... noted that French President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity rating dropped to ...

Opinion , Gigin , Europe , protests , France , EU , Macron

Charles III’s state visit to France postponed due to protests over pension reform

... conversation between French President Emmanuel Macron and the British monarch. France ...

France , UK , Macron , Charles III

Macron’s popularity sinks to lowest since 2019

French President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity rating has fallen ... those polled are satisfied with Macron’s performance, RIA Novosti reports ... French don’t approve of Macron’s actions and 67 percent ...

France , Macron , Borne , pension reform , protests

Erdogan said Macron is not qualified to lead the country

... to the actions of Emmanuel Macron – the image of France is ...

turkiye , france , erdogan , macron

Macron says France will increase intelligence service budget by 60%

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the spending of ... reports Photo: Macron stressed that in addition to ... third between 2024 and 2030,” Macron said. According to the French ...

France , Macron , miliary spending

Media: Macron broke military taboo by agreeing to send AMX-10RC infantry fighting vehicles to Kiev

French President Emmanuel Macron broke an unspoken military taboo ...

France , Macron , Ukraine

Macron promised to supply AMX-10 RC wheeled tanks to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron has promised his Ukrainian counterpart ... a recent telephone conversation between Macron and Zelenskyy. The Elysee Palace ...

macron , zelenskyy , Ukraine , france

Macron explains how Europe should respond to US economic policy

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the United States ... reports. Photo: Macron stressed that the conversation between ...

Macron , EU , US

Macron: US is splitting the West with its aggressive policy

... stated by French President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to the ... synchronise our political programmes,” Mr. Macron stated.

france , usa , europe , macron

France to convene UN Security Council meeting due to situation on Armenia-Azerbaijan border

... conversation between French President Emmanuel Macron and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol ...

armenia , azerbaijan , france , macron

Macron called for demilitarisation of Zaporozhye NPP area

French President Emmanuel Macron said the Zaporozhye nuclear power ... forces,” the source from Emmanuel Macron’s administration explained.

france , macron , zelenskyy , Ukraine

Macron: France needs dialogue with Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron pointed out the need to continue dialogue with the Russian Federation along with participation in Western unions, TASS reports Photo: During Mr. Macron’s address to the French ambassadors, he said, “We should still talk to everyone – especially with those with whom we disagree. Nobody is interested in Turkey being the only country that continues dialogue with Russia.”

macron , france , russia

French President announced the ‘end of abundance’

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that the ‘period ... reports. Photo: Macron said that France is now ... Ukraine. Speaking of the latter, Macron stressed that ‘freedom has a ...

France , Macron

Macron says France is now on a ‘war economy’ footing

French President Emmanuel Macron instructed the country’s Minister ... Photo: As Macron pointed out, the equipment of ... a long time’. According to Macron, against the background of the ... arms modernisation programme. In May, Macron said that the conflict in ...

Macron , France , Ukraine

French president’s new photo angered Brits

... criticised the French leader, Emmanuel Macron, because of his new photo ... Photo: Earlier, Macron's official photographer published a ... on a sofa and smiling. Macron is seen in a white ... place on April 10 th : Macron had 27.84 percent of ...

macron , france , nato

Lukashenko, Macron talked by phone

... France, Aleksandr Lukashenko and Emmanuel Macron, had a telephone conversation on ...

Lukashenko , macron

Expert explains reasons of France’s concern about Belarusian draft Constitution

French President Emmanuel Macron, following talks with Russia’s ... – highlighted in green – to make Macron get prepared. I think he ... . The analyst added, “Most likely, Macron’s message conveyed not the ... destroyed in a flash. Therefore, Macron expressed concern.”

france , Belarus , macron , Constitution , opinion , avdonin

Macron, Putin discussed the situation on Belarusian-Polish border by phone

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and the President of Russia, ...

putin , macron , refugees , border

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