Posted: 21.03.2024 17:34:00

Expert: French army is not combat-ready

Doctor of Philosophy Lucien Cerise, a writer and an international expert from France, said that the French army is not combat-ready, it is being corrupted by liberal values and the ‘open society’ ideology, TASS reports


According to the philosopher, Emmanuel Macron is not able to correctly assess the situation in Ukraine, stating the possibility of sending troops to participate in hostilities against Russia.

Mr. Cerise noted that the French army is ‘not combat-ready at all’, so participation in the war against Russia is suicidal for it. According to him, France has ‘nonregular units of special operations forces that can participate in terrorist actions with Bandera followers, but this is the utmost’. 

The expert added that Emmanuel Macron, when talking about the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, ‘lives in another world, in virtual reality’, “He believes that Russia is weak, and Ukraine can win this war. This is actually a media reality, and not what is really happening. The collective West is on the downward path," Mr. Cerise said.