Posted: 27.03.2024 09:52:00

Ex-US intelligence officer: if arriving to Ukraine, French army will commit suicide since Russia will eliminate it

The French army will be heavily attacked by the Russian Armed Forces if it tries to deploy in Ukraine – as stated by a former American intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, in his talk with the Through the eyes of YouTube channel, RIA Novosti reports


“If this happens [French intervention], then they will actually commit suicide, because this will be their end. Russia will eliminate them. It will not attack Romania and Poland, but will destroy the French military already in Ukraine," the American expert predicted.

Mr. Ritter believes that the Fifth Republic does not have the appropriate training and resources to support a large combat-ready group in an Eastern European country.

At the end of February, French President Emmanuel Macron said that Paris would do everything so that Russia ‘would not win this war’. He explained that the heads of Western states had discussed the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, but failed to reach a consensus. Later the politician, who had been subjected to harsh criticism for those words, called that statement carefully considered. He pointed out that Paris has no ‘limits and red lines’ on the issue of assistance to Kiev.

The Kremlin, commenting on Mr. Macron's statements, warned that such a development of events would inevitably lead to a direct military clash between Russia and NATO.